FAK254-Markus and Trish Allen

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Markus and I discuss my daughter’s Type 1 diabetes diagnosis and the future with covaids.

We also hear from his lovely wife Trish.

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6 thoughts on “FAK254-Markus and Trish Allen

  1. xileffilex

    Great chat – especially the part discussion Amazing Polly’s behavioral experiments.
    I don’t think many people understand the centrality of behavioural psychologists at the heart of this phoney resetting ‘pandemic’. The UK has not just a Behavioural Insights Team [a private sector operation at the heart of government]
    with sister operations in New York, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
    The BIT has been very active right from the start of the plandemic.
    eg. June 29

    Blog 29th Jun 2020
    Life after lockdown: A strong & sustainable economic recovery Covid-19 has disrupted our lives on many levels

    is straight out of the Schwab phrasebook, but I guess Schwab’s language actually originates in these mind-benders.

    Or right at the beginning, February 24, before Dr Tedros decided the phoney images characterise a pandemic
    Covid-19: how do we encourage the right behaviours during an epidemic?

    Addressing the Munich Security Conference on February 15th, WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, “we’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic”. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know how to stop the ‘misinfodemic’, but behavioural insights can help enhance our response to Covid-19 and develop new approaches to tackling misinformation.

    This is the clearest indication that the state was needing to work very hard to make people believe the nonsensical [and later the level of threat was ratcheted up to overcome that problem]

    And at the heart of the government’s SAGE advice unit is the SPI-B nest of behavioural psychologists, [Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behavioural Science, which comes up with such gems as this paper on making younger people adhere to the ridiculous rules…
    SPI-B: Increasing adherence to COVID-19 preventative behaviours among young people

    • Communications targeting young people should where possible be delivered by
    trusted, non-governmental sources e.g. charities, celebrities, sports clubs, commercial

    …the message – trust in government, trust in scientists

    Here’s a final piece of manipulation – targeting women with the propaganda as they try to cancel Christmas celebrations….

    Women carry the burden of creating and maintaining family traditions and activities at
    . These traditions are informed by the preferences of partners and children.
    “Messaging should be supportive of women adapting traditions and encouraging those around them to share the burden and to be supportive of any alterations to adapt for Covid19 restrictions”

    source – SPI-B paper
    Source – October 29 2020 SPI-B paper
    Papers like these are all about helping the government abolish freedoms without upsetting the animals on the farm too much.

      1. xileffilex

        It’s discussed a lot at UK Column.
        That last SPI-B advice to government provides a fantastic piece of emotionless mind control to take the fun out of a period of social interaction or religious festival observance in many parts of the world in November and December 2020…
        iv recommending risk communication interventions to support and reinforce the need for alternative behaviours

  2. John le Bon

    Firstly it is about time you two started doing a regular or semi-regular show, and either putting it behind a paywall, or putting HALF behind a paywall and making half available for free (Greg Carlwood style). All of Ab’s excuses for not doing so are bullshit and I’m sick of hearing them. Markus is correct that this is the way forward. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: as soon as you two start doing a paywall show, I’ll be the first financial supporter, AND I’ll promote it on my own channel. So stop making bullshit excuses for your lazy asses and make the Ab and Markus show happen.

    Secondly, Ab’s story about his daughter is a very sad story. However I believe Markus’ suspicions are probably close to the mark: whatever is diagnosed as ‘diabetes’ may in fact be a disease due to diet and other controllable, changeable factors. Here’s to wishing Ab’s daughter all the best, however with all due respect, I do not believe her diagnosis is a ‘life sentence’ as Ab put it, and I am surprised and disappointed that Ab has fallen for the medical industry hoax so quickly. That said, I know it is difficult when your own flesh and blood are involved. Just a sad story all round.

    Thirdly, Markus needs to stop this ‘I’m back, I’m gone, I’m back, I’m gone, it’s everybody elses fault, boo hoo wah wah’ shtick he’s got going on. It is not good for his credibility. Why are you podcasting, Markus? WHY? Be honest with yourself about it and everything else will fall into place. Deep down you know why you podcast, it’s the same reason why myself and others podcast. Money is an ancillary or secondary benefit. You want people to hear you thoughts about things. If you’ve lost the mettle or motivation to do it then fine, own it, take responsibility for it, be honest with yourself and your listeners.

    Fourthly, it was lovely to hear Markus’ wife. She sounds genuine and personable. Ab did a terrific job of keeping her on the phone for longer than she had planned. Well done Ab. I for one would love to hear more of her thoughts on media fakery and related topics.

    Fifthly, thanks to both Ab and Markus for sharing more of their ‘real life’ with us, the listeners, this year. It makes your overall personas more relatable and likeable, especially in a year where many of us have been so cut off from the so-called ‘real world’. I for one am looking forward to hearing Tye (Markus’ son) and Ab’s daughter chatting about whatever the hell they are going to chat about. Tye sounds like a cool young dude (from the calls he has had with his father), much more well-adjusted than I would have expected, and I mean that with no disrespect.

    Sixthly, anybody reading this comment ought to go to johnlebon.com and see what it is like to be surrounded by 120 genuine skeptics from around the world. We are what truthin7minutes.com and fakeologist.com should have been and would have been, if Markus and Ab respectively made the right moves at the right time. It’s not too late for Markus and Ab but they are stubborn, middle-aged men, who will probably continue to make the same mistakes, and the same excuses, as they’ve been making for the past decade. There’s a new generation taking over the media fakery scene and you need to come and check it out for yourself. There’s a whole new world out there.

    1. Fakeologist Post author

      Thank you JLB for leaving your commercial until the sixth paragraph. You are my favorite prodigal son and I have much respect for you. My advice to you is to drop the drink and marry a lovely Asian woman and settle. You’re certainly in the right place to find one. When I hang up my keys I may hide behind a paywall, but the country needs me to keep it moving right now so that will have to wait.
      As for Markus, I’ll talk to him as often as I can. He’s always entertaining. Did I cut him off top much this call?

  3. dante

    *”in one week..they were waking up in droves…the very next week masked up”

    this offers yet more evidence they were never really ‘waking up’.

    i’m around some lifelong ‘truthers’ now – 3 decades my elder – anti covid /mask to the extreme, but who still think Trump is ‘going to win’ and ‘clean up’ this or that. others who are deep down various rabbit holes…yet get upset when questioned about christ… or their history ..or their faith in ‘human’ity.

    perhaps i do need some 5meo….maybe i’ll see the light.

    **sorry to hear about your daughter Ab.

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