Flipping the numbers

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Covid-19. This virus has the ability to reduce deaths from heart disease, in fact it reduced deaths from all other usual causes, whilst not increasing overall deaths at all. This virus has the amazing ability to kick off a reset of the entire world. Remaking the world economies. And taking greater control of my life and yours. That’s quite a virus. I’m going to relink a previous report regarding the fallacy of excessive deaths during pandemics. Covid-19 is absolutely the norm- No resulting excessive dea

Source: Penny for your thoughts: Covid-19 Miraculously Reduces Deaths From Heart Disease While Not Increasing Excess Deaths- Pandemics in History

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3 thoughts on “Flipping the numbers

  1. Unreal

    I’m not sure to trust any Johns Hopkins University academic (article) and their statistical information that is deleted – then reappears as by magic.

    Taking all the drastic COVID measures and scare propaganda into account, it would seem logical more people than normal might suffer ill health. Leaving the elderly alone/isolated and rushed into hospitals for one would by itself result in more strain on the ageing and frail in our societies. The nocebo effect is also a very real phenomena that equally is heavily at play in any pandemic as we are all “publicly informed” of imminent danger to our wellbeing.

    Taking the example of France, there is a national statistics agency (INSEE) that handles official death records from every county in France. Without going into the more analytical and interpretative use of this data, the number of recorded deaths should be rather consistent with reality – and compared to the last five years average, 2020 has seen 47.000 more deaths in France compared to average (525.000) so far – around 8-10% rise.

    I’m not sure if the few lower-than-normal death toll statistics we see in alternative media are not actually carefully crafted strawman arguments designed for the mainstream to hurt Covid19 critics and opponents by giving us flawed information and inciting ill reasoned arguments.

    Anyone actually thinks shutting down society, putting on masks, testing/tracking virus and isolating elders would not influence national health figures in negative manner ?

    1. xileffilex

      The data on absolute deaths per month of 2020 against the average 2015-9 show remarkable differences between countries. Some had no excess death at all in any month. The headline countries/regions – N. Italy, Belgium, NYC, UK… either were killing people deliberately by denying their elderly citizens health care, or the figures themselves were modelled. My own limited research showed a big increase of bodies going into the ground or turning in to ashes in April-June 2020 in the UK. It is not possible easily to find the ages of the deaths in the spike – which is what the JHU study attempted to show [and didn’t show any excess of elderly people dying as would be predicted if it were the fake novel coronavirus doing the job. That’s what I find strange.
      The key Briand figure seems to be averaged over the whole of the US.
      The same graph using only NY data might be of more utility.

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