1 thought on “Legalman is cutting off the Covidiots

  1. Unreal

    Tried listening to “Legalman”, not a very credible character (imo). Hopefully not many would consider supporting this guy on his Patreon where he promises to tell us “the truth” for $9.87 a month or 89$ a month for even truer truths with a conference call included… As many already might suspect, the truth is not for sale and completely free of charge by nature.

    Legalman’s friend from 35 years back – “the guy” – very quickly in the Quash podcast comes across as being as fake as a virus pandemic. And selfproclaimed “Americas most trusted lawyer” Legalman comes across as a pathological liar and totally untrustworthy*.

    ” I actually have a guy i’ve known for a loong time, like almost 35 years and i used to know him really well and we havent been that close the last few years – mostly because he’s a hermit even worse than me… But I had a conversation with the guy about a week ago and ahhh,,, Turns out the guy is a believer in all this utter bullshit, with the mask and the vaccine and… Basically just sits around and worries and spends his time watching fucking TV news and thinks all this shit’s real […] I hung up the phone with the guy, and i just thought : Is there any reason i would call this guy again ? And i just thought : No,,,”
    -excerpt from Quash podcast #064

    * “lawyer” and “liar” are very simalar words that when pronounced under stress/rapidly can easily be confused – what a coincidence !

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