Thug Ford misses news con-ference

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Update: It seems Thug can’t tell the truth about where he was. Personally, I don’t really care what his health issues are – the most important thing people need to know that no matter how hard these actors like to seem sincere, their job is to lie by design – and they do.

Ford told reporters on Wednesday he 0;zapped his back out” and was unable to attend because of the pain. “I don’t know if you’ve ever had back pain but I’ll tell you that brought me to my knees yesterday,” Ford said. “The only thing I’m disappointed about is it was my first press conference I’ve missed since the beginning, so I apologize for that.”


I have a first hand, senior fakeologist eye witness account that Doug was in the heart center of Toronto hospital yesterday.

He had four very large OPP men escorting him.

Senior also stated that the hospital was empty.

My own account of the ICU where I was two weeks ago confirms this.

Our ICU was so empty my daughter got to move to a better room in ICU.

I still can’t decide if Ford is a useful idiot or he knows the agenda to destroy SME worldwide and bring in America 2050.

It may be a bit of both.

“The Premier has an unexpected, but non-COVID-related, non-urgent, medical appointment that will prevent him from participating in today’s facility tour and 1:00 p.m. press conference,” said a spokesperson from the premier’s office.…

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