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NWO traitors doubling down

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The tyranny level just went up a notch this week with people like this disgusting shill.

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If it looks, walks, sounds like it, then it is a mandatory vaccine

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Chief Medical Terrorist David Williams has a Hitler comb over. That’s not all he has in common with Der Fuerher.

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Pity the children

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Children have the most to lose with this insanity.

“When wearing a mask, most of us breathe with our upper chest muscles and with our mouth open,” states Children’s Minnesota on their website. While the hospital admits this can cause “increased stress and anxiety” there are other more long-lasting concerns.


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10 ways medicine is becoming the new world religion

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Another day, another great tip from a fakeologist.

Here’s a great piece on your NWO religion we’ve been wondering about – and it’s not Chrislam.

Olivier Clerc’s book, Modern Medicine: The New World Religion, suggests at least ten ways medicine has taken the place of religion in the Western world, including:

Physicians have taken the role of priests (and, I might add, lab coats have replaced robes).


H/t Pete

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