If it looks, walks, sounds like it, then it is a mandatory vaccine

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Chief Medical Terrorist David Williams has a comb over. That’s not all he has in common with Der Fuerher.

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4 thoughts on “If it looks, walks, sounds like it, then it is a mandatory vaccine

  1. ricky

    They sure are in my little circle of neighbors, their enthusiasm and willingness to be at the front of the line is breathtaking. (I believe they’re a fair representation of the public at large.)

    1. Unreal

      It is the official state sponsored propaganda and spooks that emphasize vaccine-readiness in the population. Surveys – albeit not foolproof – show most people would not like to get vaccinated.

      ‘I won’t take the risk’: France leads the world in Covid-19 vaccine scepticism
      U.S. Public Now Divided Over Whether To Get COVID-19 Vaccine
      Just 24% of Spaniards would get Covid vaccine as soon as possible
      41% of Italians hesitant about Covid-19 vaccine

      The public is being harassed by both official media and alternative media pundits on the topic of vaccines. This way, the Elite may maximise placebo and nocebo effect which makes vaccines very effective regardless of its actual chemical makeup.

      Many dubious Alt Media pundits clearly try to make the most out of the nocebo effect when they contend vaccines are comprised of nanobots that will connect with 5G and activate themselves making us all cyborgs (ex. Dr Lorraine Day)

      The whole advanced tech scenario sounds like taken out of a NASA space program – it sounds all fancy but doesn’t really fly in real life. But it sure makes many scared, thus creating nocebo effect for anti-vaxers and equally making their argumentation against vaccines sound rather silly.

      In reality vaccines are probably mildly toxic and cheap to produce. The more vaccines we get, the more damage. If a vaccine was truly deadly, it would be impossible to hide very long. It is rather the slow, accumulative effect that works best both for making money and getting away with diminishing our health without getting caught on the crime scene redhanded.

  2. xileffilex

    All co-ordinated centrally – here’s the UK release along the same lines, Dec 4

    No doubt the behavioural psychologists will be phoning around to assess the citizens’ response to the policy, and I’m sure the question will be posed in such a way for people to scream for vaccination and a certificate of immunity…

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