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Peter Sharpen is by far the sharpest knife in the health drawer. I love his writing and brain.

I have been looking into the notion of autophagy. It seems to me that it is a very complicated way of saying what I have been intoning since the beginning; it is that the body is self-healing.

Allow me to make an observation. Take your average butter, for example (not the fake ones or margarines). It is churned from milk. That milk is what they called ‘pasteurised’ after Louis Pasteur (an entrepreneur chemist, not a biologist). It is no longer natural milk and is therefore compromised. It does not take long to ‘go off’, as they say and becomes unusable and certainly not healthy. In contrast, if you buy butter that is unpasteurised (cru in French and available in France but difficult to find elsewhere, I believe) I can leave this upon my counter-top (in a glass dish!) for months and nothing will happen to it. Bread, in France is also made from sun-dried flour and lasts (on the counter top) for weeks without going rancid. The green mould one sees on products is merely the milk attempting to heal itself until it returns to the ‘earth’, so to speak…Bechamp’s ‘microzymas’, if you will.

The so-called ‘science’ of autophagy is merely a way of maintaining the notion that the body is made of various types of ‘cell’, which are regarded as separate entities. They are not, until you remove them from the body (even that would be in doubt), subsequently changing from what we call a living ‘living’ thing to a ‘dead’ thing. Self-healing is automatic (as it were) and is only part, as I keep saying, of a continuous process. Removing a bit of tissue and putting it under a microscope (having added any sort of ‘fixing’ to be able to view it) removes its real meaning and presents us with nothing that was ‘real’ in the first place (separate from other cells).

For example, if you have a bowl of water, remove a drop with a pipette and place it onto a glass slide and look at it, there is no way you can deduce that the bowl of water is made up of individual drops.

With biological living forms, which are continuous, pulling them apart will never explain anything in real terms.

Parts of the body require (of course) wear out, as it were, that is the process of life forms. They, as part of the whole process, are then dispensed with, usually without let or hindrance and you don’t notice.

As if have constantly said before (and I am not claiming special rights of knowledge of any esoteric nature), if our terrain is compromised (lack of sunlight, unsuitable nourishment, for example), including injury and poisonous substances for that particular individual, the body will simply get rid of it as fast as it can by pustules, vomiting, diarrhoea or any other means possible. The fact that a number of people may have similar ‘symptoms’ is because a general lack of a decent ‘diet’ (for whatever reasons) and or lack of decent atmospheric circumstances. This is what we call ‘dis-ease’ (note the hyphen please) and is complicated by various fancy names which make them separate, when in fact (so far as I believe, anyway) they are variations on a theme. In other words, we all react to our environment in different ways determined by how we can (or cannot) maintain our terrain.

None of this is ‘rocket’ science it is the failure of the K.I.S.S. principle.

The present notion seems to be, so far as health, is concerned at least, only to over-complicate possibly simple continuous processes which we attempt to understand. Anything else is a vested interest; at least in my view.

Be well.


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  1. Anikada Awesomest

    Good. Too many unreplicatable “scientific” explanations and theories, too many “I’m assuming this is what this is made of even though I can’t see it (notice how not a single chemical compound composition can be seen through a microscope, if the microscope even works the way they say it does)”. Too many “diseases” that can be labeled off as something else (two people with the same symptoms will be diagnosed for a different disease based on whether or not they are vaccinated). The biggest deception is to grow an Ancient Greeco-Roman cult and glorify it as the basis of reality, and that is exactly what they do, taking the life force out of every thing. This is the exact same cult Plato taught while they massacred monks and pushed it forward as the new knowledge. Are you just a bunch of wires that only follow specified sets of instructions? Do animals like fish really not feel pain? Are trees truly unintelligible or can you just not understand them? Is the universe truly not alive, and do it’s inhabitants truly not have a consciousness that makes them choose to be calming and peaceful, like water from a spring, or violent and painful, like fire in a bonfire? Not all water is nice and not all fire is painful either, and there is no rule or restriction or monotony, only personality and relationship. “Science” is purely psychological warfare aimed at instilling limiting beliefs and lifelessness, because when a person believes there is a wall, they will never cross the wall and only adapt to living within the wall. You will realize this when the entire thing falls apart, when you see people rigging for certain results with the excuse of it being a “lab experiment” , results you will never see in real live, and when people deny and reject outcomes because it does not match their theories , blaming tor on “experiment errors” or whatever else they can blame.

  2. Unreal

    Peter Sharpen aka “Sharpstuff” makes a lot of good points in his posts – and his reasoning is mostly sound.

    I do have an issue nevertheless with Sharpen’s black and white vision of food being either healthy or bad. All foods are both, and to varying degrees. Food also affects individuals differently. And contending pasteurised milk is harmful is in my opinion nonsensical*.

    ” That milk is what they called ‘pasteurised’ after Louis Pasteur (an entrepreneur chemist, not a biologist). It is no longer natural milk and is therefore compromised. It does not take long to ‘go off’, as they say and becomes unusable and certainly not healthy. In contrast, if you buy butter that is unpasteurised (cru in French and available in France but difficult to find elsewhere, I believe) I can leave this upon my counter-top (in a glass dish!) for months and nothing will happen to it. ”

    No butter i would like to eat can be stored on a countertop for months like Sharpstuff suggests, no matter how “raw” one think such a product might be. Food is supposed to be break down and rot, anything else would be scary. Our body does just that with the food we eat, decomposing it – this is just what Glyphosate won’t let the body do…

    The main idea behind autophagy is to trust our body to heal itself, a very reassuring idea and a completely natural process. The difficult part of course is how to help our body heal itself. If the body heals itself – it does not need any drugs or medical treatment to do so.

    In acute dis-ease, our body will force us to lay down and be at rest. Our condition is probably quite serious when this happens – our body forcing us to listen. Most medical doctrines will intervene at this point and offer various methods the relieve the dis-ease we are forced into. According to its own logic, the body will be upset to be assisted to heal itself – medically stopping dis-ease does not help self-healing.

    The body needs be left sufficiently at peace to dispose the time and energy to heal itself. The most proven method to initiate self-healing by autophagy is to stop eating*. Modern society will have nothing to sell someone who self-heals by not consuming, while our body greatly benefit from being temporarily relieved from our main fuel source – food.

    Our body continuously transforms food into energy, and in this process we invariably produce waste and toxins – be it from raw or pasteurised butter. All food produces waste, some foods more than other and different according to each individual. Giving the endless feeding cycle rest gives the body an opportunity to self-heal and benefit from autophagy.

    To be healthy is not to avoid toxins – our body both manages toxins and waste from food very well. There is no perfect food as all food will produce toxins and waste when transformed by our bodies. What matters is whether our body can process the amount of food/toxins we ingest be it raw or cooked.

    Looking at the amount of overweight in our society plainly tell us we fuel on too much food. The majority of people are unable to process our overconsumption of food* and cannot properly eliminate the amount of waste and toxins they ingest.

    Overall, there is of course good reasons to choose quality products to eat* – but even such fine foods need be broken down and used in our bodies producing waste and toxins just like Junkfood – only normally less so.

    * humans have no problems accepting cooked foods be it milk, butter or whatever else. Raw products might be better for some, but eating raw food can also be worse as it is tougher to digest and process for most

    * animals stop eating when in dis-ease – they go into into autophagy

    * not everyone will show the most obvious signs of an intoxicated system by overweight – it is perfectly possible to be slender and still intoxicated. In this situation it can be more difficult to give the body time to heal as energy-deposits are limited and one cannot give much pause to the body to self-heal.

    * when we need to drink a gallon of water every day there is a fair chance we eat too much bread and pasta. Industrial food, contrary to fruit and vegetables, will need much more liquid to the body to process which is why it makes sense to industrial food manufacturers to have us all drink lots of liquid,,, A selfhealing body will tell us when to drink – it is a built in function called “thirst”…

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