1 thought on “FAC802-Rick and Rollo and friends

  1. xileffilex

    Good discussion at the end about the “vacacine”. Crazy times.
    These sinister refrigerators have to be some kind of psy-op [echoes of those ‘unclear weapons’ being moved around in convoys…
    source BBC Dec 6 2020

    The Pfizer vaccine needs to be stored at around -70C and moved carefully, so at first it will only be administered from 50 specific hospital “hubs”

    sounds soooo real……real BS

    Back in September, surveys done by University College London [which contains a nest of behavioural psientists on the covid persuasion trail] more than a fifth wouldn’t take the jab.
    so, ratchet up the fear..


    [Boris]Mr Johnson agreed online “anti-vaxxers” were a problem and promised a plan to deal with them “very shortly”.

    BBC Dec 3

    “You have to take the vaccine when it is offered to you. Low uptake will almost certainly mean restrictions will last longer,”

    so said England’s humourless Deputy Chief Medical Officer

    Play your part everyone for the common good!

    PS comical BBC video…..doesn’t look like it needs -70C storage the way its being carted about in cardboard boxes…

    This must be one big psy-op

    PPS the hubs…

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