Restauranteur victim psyop

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Starting to see a pattern of these stories to smell a rat.

This is so precisely timed and coordinated worldwide that it makes me doubt the veracity of the Toronto Adamson BBQ media event if we have similar scripts everywhere.

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4 thoughts on “Restauranteur victim psyop

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    do you think any voting americans who follow common law know that with a simple letter ratified and notorised the trumpaloompa could discharge the national debt . still got pyramids on your money ,adamson protest now i dont know or care if hes honest or not , he sounds honest and the script is genuine , so come on whats next , set up a conclave , burn down hollywood, get the out of work masons to churn out covid mashups, im english , this shower of shit over here want your money which now is backed by guns , remember i waffle so wheres the crypto currency backed by yankee guns , oh and i suggest sitting at the back of the amazon bus ,or walking to work , christmas is cancelled

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    where do coppers go to eat when their not genuflecting on george floyd.

    yes i though suspicious straight away and titled one my music vids adams rib , but if i was a restaraunter who had some coppers come in before all this started and seemed nice guys after a few years of service adam in or it or not would be open to a suggestion of the possibilty of drawing attention to the travesties of small business owners all over and showing the police fulfilling their policy obligations , now if adam is honest and i doubt hes guilty of anything apart from being in the right place at the right time and open to suggestion and or the possibilty of making money to maybe start over somewhere.
    furthermore a chap in abs telegram went down to protest along with others now most shills love me but superhabit (avatar name) didnt try using the force once so id say
    at best insider trading ( police will donate for the damage they caused thus adam can get a bigger grill , or its set up from day one .

  3. Gabriel

    I was suspicious early on when Adamson was wearing that bright orange (33) sweatshirt. There were other things to but that just really stuck out.


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