FAK255-Markus Allen and Jr. Fakeologists

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Markus, Ty, Tim and Brianna talk about Covaids 2020.

Bill Gates: Innovating to zero! | TED Talk


Dr. Anthony Fauci masks won’t go away

Bill Gates: The Best Investment I’ve Ever Made – WSJ

‘Unacceptable’: 74% Non-Compliance When it Comes to NJ Contact Tracing Efforts

‘Unacceptable’: 74% Non-Compliance When it Comes to NJ Contact Tracing Efforts

Ted (www.ted.com/talks/bill_gates_i…)
Transcript of 0;Innovating to zero!”
TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: At TED2010, Bill Gates unveils his vision for the world’s energy future, describing the need for “miracles” to avoid planetary catastrophe and explaining why he’s backing a dramatically different type of nuclear reactor. The necessary goal? Zero carbon emissions globally by 2050.

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10 thoughts on “FAK255-Markus Allen and Jr. Fakeologists

  1. John le Bon

    This was a terrific conversation, a pleasure to listen to. Tye had already impressed me in earlier chats with Markus/Ab, Brianna did likewise on this call. Hard to believe they are only 19 and 21 respectively, they come across much more mature than that.

    I found it noteworthy towards the end of the call that Brianna mentioned six billion people on the planet, and then later corrected herself to say seven billion. The official story today is that the best guess is closer to eight billion humans on earth today. The People Who Run The Show are clearly making these numbers up, and their bullcrap figures are growing at absurd and unbelievable rates, so fast that most people today don’t even seem to have ‘gotten with the program’ that the number is now closer to eight billion than seven billion. Give it a few years and it’ll be nine billion, and nobody will notice, nobody will care.

    Some of the hypothetical questions in this chat led to illuminating responses. Would you get the vaccine if they told you it was likely to lead to infertility? Brianna just wants to get back to her normal life, and who can blame her, she has barely been able to enjoy any of her adulthood. But is a return to ‘normalcy’ (for the sake of argument) worth throwing away the chance to have kids one day and make Ab a proud grandpoppy? For a lot of young people today the answer will be, ‘yeah I guess’.

    Young people today don’t see children as an integral part of life, there’s been a rapid change in just the past few decades. There’s a lot of factors behind this; I honestly believe the ‘over population’ and ‘climate change’ hoaxes are a HUGE part of it. Poor kids getting brainwashed into self-loathing from the early years. It is tantamount to child abuse, and it is happening in a so-called ‘classroom’ near you, every school day.

    Tye’s anecdote about his workmates liking conservatives when the tips roll in was amusing, but not unsurprising. Tye’s moronic workmates hate Trump and detest team red because Stephen Colbert and his ilk tell them to. But when there’s money in the jar? Well that’s different. Kudos to Tye for being able to work among the morons and remain diplomatic enough to not lose his job.

    The stuff about disowning your own son if he goes with the herd and gets the vaccine… wow. That’s full on. At one point Tye said words to the effect of ‘he isn’t joking about that’, and If Markus’ story about his relationship with his own parents is true (and I don’t have any reason to think it isn’t) then Tye is probably right, Markus probably isn’t joking. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with Markus’ stance, but to hear it put out in the open like that, so clearly… powerful radio to say the least.

    One final thing, Markus claimed that ‘they’ have admitted that the vaccine will make people infertile. I recall Markus claimed the figure was over 50%. What is the source for this claim? First I’ve heard of it.

    Thanks again to Ab, Brianna, Markus and Tye. One of the best things I’ve listened to in 2020 (and I listen to a lot of podcasts).

  2. xileffilex

    Excellent chat. What I find difficult to visualise is how the two prongs, the financial reset and the control grid of the population which are running side by side, will be brought together. Notice how the poster people for the vaxx are in their 90s. – they’re not the type to be flashing their immunity passes on their i-phones or fiddling around with digital currency in digital wallets. Indeed, most will be lucky to be alive to witness the transformation.
    The i-phone is the weapon of enslavement and if people hadn’t bought them, they would have been given away in breakfast cereal packets, someone observed recently. [I don't have one] They’ll find you and switch off your money if you haven’t been sheep-dipped.
    This world first UK vaxx media event was staged to coincide with the [extremely unusual indeed a ‘first’ for big pharma] simultaneous publication in the Lancet of the results of the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaxx trial… a massive dump of data. Why did they go to Brazil though for phase 3? Nobody is curious.

    All these different vaxx “products” running together, all similarly effective. It’s too crazy to think about.

    Also rememeber, the whole global economy was shut down to put it bluntly to give the very elderly people in the first vaxx clips a few extra months or perhaps a year of extra life. Only to the controllers who wish to wreck the system does that make any economic sense. [and those very elderly people in the clips are more healthy for their age than average]

  3. barbm124

    “good vaccine”? You mean moonshine? 🙂 There is no such thing as a good vaccine. All the medicine based treatment is mayhem. Actually there is no sickness at all. You won’t call a broken leg or a sunburn a sickness, will you? What we have in the winter time is caused by central heating (or air conditioning) which makes the air dry and thins out our mucous membrane. Then this mucous membrane which is the inner skin of our bodies and protects all muscles and organs in the inside in the same way our outer skin protects us on the outside, gets easily damaged and when this happens you’ll have exact the same thing you have when you get a sunburn or even a sunstroke. The only difference lies in the way our body is getting rid of the damaged skin. The outer skin just peels of, the inner skin has to be removed through our air channels. That’s why we then have to sneeze or cough and that’s why we then may lose some taste or smell, when the receptors are covered with slime from damaged mucous membrane. All this depends on personal conditions and is also very suggestive. Once you focus on your taste everything will taste different,right? That’s why they chose the loss of taste and smell as Covid specific symptoms. But this symptoms also occur when you get cold or flu, which is the same thing: damage on the mucous membrane. Of course this damage can take different course if you’re old or already “sick” from previous medical treatments. And don’t forget: everything starts in the head. When you afraid of getting sick you very probably will, as soon as something happens like some damage of the mucous membrane. There is no virus or pathogen in general. The existence of a pathogen makes no sense in nature, where everything has its purpose. No vaccine ever helped against anything and every medicine is poison with side effects. The more expensive a medicine is, the more damage it can cause. That’s why it is so expensive not because of the production costs. Just don’t be afraid, don’t take any medicine, avoid doctors of any kind and you’ll never get sick again.

      1. barbm124

        the sky is never clean this time of the year in my place. So I can’t watch the stars for the moment. But satellites are there and you can see them. That’s not airplanes or anything else. that’s objects that move fast on a high altitude without any drive, just by the law of gravity. You won’t know if you’re not watching.

    1. xileffilex

      Just don’t be afraid, don’t take any medicine, avoid doctors of any kind and you’ll never get sick again.

      and by definition you’ll live forever. Gotcha.

      1. barbm124

        I said not get sick. Of course we age, everything gets weak and starts to hurt, etc. Until it stops to work adn then we die. That’s not sickness. Aging is a natural process we cannot avoid. Sickness as we understand it isn’t. If you eat good, breath fresh air, get your dose of sunlight and move your muscles every day, nothing will get you. Errm, see, here it is ,this sickness perspective again! It’s everywhere. I don’t mean “get you”, I mean you won’t get anything. I said it on purpose to demonstrate how our thinking is influenced by this sickness perspective. You can’t catch anything, you can only damage something. You can avoid a broken leg all your life and you can avoid any other “sickness” too.

  4. Gabriel

    I am really enjoying hearing from Ty and Brianna. They are living through their own 9/11 in real time and getting to talk about it right in the middle of it. Those of us older dwell on the 9/11 psyop much later and usually we only became aware it was staged years after the event.

    What we are going through has to be the biggest psyop ever. Its not just the fake pandemic which by itself is so extreme. Here in the US we also have the flagrant voter fraud situation going on too. I am much more perplexed about this one. The incredible amount of fraud is mind blowing. The perps must have intended we see it. I am not yet sure what the purpose is. It is undermining the voting system and the republic in the US. This shows that all of the national elections are completely fraudulent. I could go on and on about that one. I always knew the candidates were pre-selected but I did not know the vote count was too.

    I’m no fan of Bill Gates but I want to correct something from the discussion. The TED Talk bothered me so I went and researched it much further. The reason Bill Gates says vaccines will help with population management has to do with his findings in Africa. What he is saying is that a good vaccine will extend life. Because of this women in Africa and maybe other places will not have as many kids. The reason they have so many today is that many of them die of disease. They have a bunch of kids knowing one or more will survive to take care of them in old age. The idea is that a good vaccine will ensure kids make it to old age and because of that women won’t have as many kids. Is that really a valid theory, I am not sure. However, this is what Bill and Melinda mean when they say vaccines will help with population reduction. I’m not saying they are benevolent but on this one they have some merit.

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