The Silence

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A book review by a great writer that reads much like Mark from

Is Don DeLillo helping write today’s script?

DeLillo’s latest book is The Silence, which is called a novel but is really a long short story or a novella. But the categories don’t matter. It’s a meditation in words on silence, death, technology, and loss, always the heart of the matter and DeLillo’s core themes. It is very short – 117 pages of big print. All the characters talk gibberish, inanities that cut to the bone. It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry when hearing them talk. Yet much of their talk is frightening because it is the way people do talk to each other. The sounds of silence. What did you say? What? What did you say? I don’t remember, I was texting.

Listening to the Silence with Don DeLillo…

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