Inventor of the Covaids test: genius, comic, scientist, or truth teller?

likes this

The world’s stopped now – all because of a 0;test” this guy invented.

Do you think we should pay attention to what he’s saying?

Conveniently the Umbrella People have removed him from the world’s stage.

So many great points in this video.

One is that the hiv/ worked so well in the 80-90s it became the template for covaids.

is a category, not a disease, like a blender is a houseware.

Fauci is a fraud and charlatan.

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3 thoughts on “Inventor of the Covaids test: genius, comic, scientist, or truth teller?

  1. barbm124

    well, he was over 70, people die this age. Doesn’t really matter how.
    There is no convincing description of the PCR technology. Only complicated stuff, which nobody is supposed to understand, or some silly fairy tales. In my understanding they use temperature (alternatively warm and cold) to make biological microstructures grow until they can see it. Or analyze it. They call it cycles. Every cycle makes it less unique, that’s why they say more than 25 cycles (some say more than 35 cycles) and it becomes useless. There is no description why it works that way. But let’s assume it does work. They use PCR for antibody tests, where they test for a chemical reaction, or for DNA analysis where they have to do what they do for any DNA comparisons. At the end is this weird gel-electrophoresis part, where they get this strip pattern which only certain experts can read. I call it magic. And I don’t believe in magic. As for corona they use 45 PCR cycles which according to themselves makes no sense, but the purpose is not to test for corona but to get a positive test. Also if they look for a virus or something they wish to find, they have to look for at least 3 genes and not just once. The corona test looks just for a part of one gene, which is not even unique for this years corona but supposedly common for all corona viruses and other stuff too. And this is the reason for all what is happening now. We’re back in the middle age and fighting a devil named corona and using the same methods as in the middle age.

  2. xileffilex

    His death seems all too convenient. Allegedly of respiratory and heart failure in his own home [!!], singly sourced by his 3rd wife, “Suddenly”. Suuuure

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