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Covaids short history

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Line up, line up – get your Covaids vaccine here:

Untested, unlicensed and no liability for makers…

Because history isn’t allowed anymore, here’s a quick traceable timeline guaranteed to drive the fact checkers crazy:

In October 2019, Bill Gates organized a simulation of a corona pandemic series with very high-ranking participants. It was called Event 201.
On 19 December 2019, Bill Gates tweeted: “What’s next for our foundation? I’m particularly excited about what the next year could mean for one of the best buys in global health: vaccines.”
Two weeks later, on 7 January 2020, a novel coronavirus (nCoV) was identified and temporarily named “2019-nCoV”. It was subsequently named the “COVID-19 virus”.
On 11 March 2020, the WHO announced the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic.
A month later, on April 12, 2020, Bill Gates denied Event 201, saying in an interview to the BBC, “Now here we are. We didn’t simulate this, we didn’t practice, so both the health policies and economic policies, we find ourselves in uncharted territory.”
In May 2020, the U.S. Departments of Defense and Health and Human Services, announced a $138 million contract with ApiJect Systems America for “Project Jumpstart” and “RAPID USA” – funding production of 500 million pre-filled Covid-19 vaccine “injection devices” – enough to vaccinate every man, woman and child in the entire country one and a half times. At the time ApiJect Systems America’s injector had not been approved by federal health authorities and the company hadn’t yet set up a factory to manufacture the devices.
Also in May, Dr. Fraudci openly admitted to a U.S. Senate committee that there is no guarantee that a vaccine “is actually going to be effective”.
Then in July, only four months after declaring the pandemic, a vaccine miraculously popped up, when they are still after a century unable to find a universal vaccine for the flu. The Moderna vaccine study started on 27 July with 30,000 people voluntarily acting as lab rats. (Who ARE these people?)

And guess what!?

On 30 November, Moderna announced the final results of the efficacy trial in a press release: It has 100% efficacy against developing a severe disease of COVID-19.

It’s a Moderna Miracle!

Vaccines are crawling out of the woodwork left, right and center. For a virus that statistically doesn’t exist. And sheeple are shivering with excitement and anticipation at the thought of being injected with “pre-filled injection devices” 1) whose makers will be indemnified of unexpected side-effects; and 2) which will be able to completely capture your privacy and control your freedom of movement, assembly and transaction.
In fact, it will have almost every invasive power you can think of…EXCEPT fighting Covid-19.

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Covaids bifurcation project

likes this

Brilliant comment over at POM, with many more thoughtful follow ups.

BAM, thank you, Mark: Concur.

Sterile saline solution, or an inert solution with innocuous substances is what’s on the menu, this first round. Perhaps even ones with healthy ingredients, like minute amounts of D3 or B12 — to make the mixture “proprietary” and therefore a trade secret; one probably registered as an asset to a Pharma company’s Swiss subsidiary (if the holding company is not itself Swiss) where national IP legal protections are insurmountable.

To recap Mark’s last graf a bit: The novel virus is nonexistent; so a purported vax MUST have another utility. But, going off in another direction from there, physical effects might not be it. I think it’s social.

The novel virus is a whole cloth fraud of pervasive, brute-force MSM propaganda and the Big Lie technique of governments marching in “lock-step.” (Rockefeller foundation 2010, I think it was.) CV19’s a psy-op, start to finish, with multifarious goals over the immediate, medium and long term. Some of these goals are grandiose, a Freemason/Luciferian/Illuminist “great work” of decades if not centuries diligent labor (germ theory; science replacing religion; re-introduction of physical slavery, etc.), others are mere mundane opportunities for profit and authoritarian advantage to be grabbed reflexively along the way. For example, the quotidien kleptocratic habit of looting national treasuries. When do TPTB ever forget to do that?

OK, so why? Because (limited hangout) Alex Jones was right: The ultimate, long term goal was and is one world government, run by an untouchable, even unknown elite, on the model of the prison work-farm. A global one. An open-air, free-range plantation, where “we own nothing but we’re happy,” (WEF) in which we choose to do what they want by being given endless, very fine-tuned false dilemmas. (One of the things you won’t being owning is your body; again, that’s consistent with a prison.)

[ALSO: This “choice” piece is important; though it is really soft coercion. The ability of a would-be controller to craft individualized, fine-grain false dilemmas allows him to lead people where the control structure wants them to go. Facebook, et al, create a giant, backward-looking surveillance file on you (that you update yourself!), yes, it’s true, BUT FB’s real bounty to the psychopathic is its predictive ability, including what choice one will make when presented with two options. (Thumbs Up!, Thumbs Down! Click on it, or ignore it. Skim, or share. Endlessly, all day every day. FB is a continuous psychological questionnaire telling the ControlStructure/AI how you think and in what direction you are most easily pushed.) All of us look out onto the world through our own Overton Windows. That they can be shifted incrementally over time is not disputed.]

Problem with The Plantation model is: Some folks won’t play that. They’d rather fall butt backwards with a bullet in the face into a mass grave, with the skin of their murderer beneath their fingernails, than enter its gates.
So, before now, the Problem for the control structure was knowing who is who: Resistor vs. Subject, Sovereign human vs. Slave, Thinker vs. Drone, blah, blah blah. Now, parsing the population en masse that way has largely been solved.

[The Stasi and KGB (Gestapo 2.0), et al, eventually learned that trying to determine that manually using HumInt soon consumes all national productivity; half the population spies on the other half, and there’s no freaking toilet paper on the shelves. The economy collapses, first slowly, then all at once; and the political structure’s hegemony along with it.]

Enter DARPA: By white-washing and then marketing its surveillance and social engineering tech “from the Black” through its Silicon Valley fronts, it has automated the task of identifying who’s who into SigInt. When all communications are mediated through servers, sifting traffic is merely a how question. Done and done: We’re long past the notion that one is being ‘wire-tapped’ or becoming indignant that our email is opened, read, digested, sold and saved before we get it because, well, we’re so cool we can watch NetFlix on our phones (/sarc).

Problem is: How to separate the two populations, without having to go among them and label the independent ones with a metaphorical yellow star to make them legible to authority for herding and to the compliant ones for shunning.

That’s the vax and its certification. Critically, It’s a Choice. Your certification is your pass back to a normal life. Not having one will be like walking around in a personal, invisible cage of restrictions and, eventually, nonpersonhood. We all intuit this is where this is going. [Though it must be said that Huxley got there first.]

Why sterile saline or an inert serum?

All of this gargantuan, difficult social engineering can be achieved with a harmless fluid. The bifurcation of society rides not upon what’s in the vax but upon whether you chose to take it.

The groundwork for this Op has been laid: The vax wars have been simmering across society for a generation now. The externalization of that divide-and-conquer is the current psy-op, and CV19’s vax arrival now is the litmus test, the bifurcating agent. The alt-media research and handwringing about the substance itself is being fed, is being played, on an alternating Internet IV Drip of “info” and “disinfo” each and every day in the ramp up to its distribution to heighten, to sharpen the decisiveness of the bifurcation, and to harden each person’s/family’s certain belief in the rectitude of their worldview and vax choice.

One might object, “That the self-selecting bio-apartheid might be achieved with saline doesn’t mean TPTB would do it. Why would they ever miss an opportunity to inject nano-bots, live viruses, sterilizers, or DNA modifying re-sequencers?”

Because having ZERO adverse reactions annihilates the anti-vaxxers. “Science” wins by KO. We already know “the number of cases” are going to decline through redefinition and by number and word magic around the testing regime; that was called out months ago here. So, yes, it must and will be seen as a “safe cure.” Moreover, it’s important psychologically that the compliant receive not only privileges (tailored, temporary personhood and “normal life”) for surrendering their bodily sovereignty, they also have to have been “right”: it binds them more tightly psychologically to the Authorities that “told them the truth.” That also sets them up for the perfidious “boosters.”

That virtuous “truth” and the apparent lack of adverse reactions (from saline) will bring a lot of weak-kneed, current vax-skeptics into the fold, after being ground down by personal excoriation and emotional bludgeoning by friends, family and circumstances. The schism in society will widen as those who attempted to secretly occupy the middle path (wait and see) choose a pole in about a year or so.

Once the two-tiered system is in place, though, it’s permanent, civilizationally. This is the elegant solution to the hardest problem: Getting each population to identify itself, then to bifurcate, viewing one another as “other.” From there, “legitimate” legal differences in human franchisement for each group will propagate naturally.

Clearly, the ultimate goal is to get the noncompliant out of the Citadel of civilization altogether, and then using their unvaxxed status as a way to raise the draw bridge against their re-admission. But, we’re not quite there yet. Vax is phase one, the self-identification phase.

Phase Two is a horse of another color, altogether. It’s a sorting event.

[The reason “1984” memes are on T-shirts now is because we can see it all around us. There are no “Brave New World” ones (even though SRI’s are Soma) because Huxley’s Savage Reservation, so central to the story and its Dystopia, hasn’t yet become visible.
[Predictive programing hawks might see Savage Reservation pre-programing in TV’s “The Walking Dead” and YA fiction like Hunger Games.]

Back to saline: From there, lesser, more prosaic and immediate benefits for TPTB likely spin out of a salt water vax. One is pure financial fraud by the Pharma firms that have supposedly spent billions creating this magic substance. Corporations looting national treasuries for mindbending figures by billing for BS authorized “in an emergency” by well-greased and/or well-controlled politicians is a fart in the wind at this point in the devolution of the West. I think that’s why more than one Big Pharma firms plus an insider start-up jumped on this: They attended the special seminar at Davos and know they could ship water with Vitamin C, invoice whatever they want, and no one was going to call them on it.

So, yeah, Mark: Saline? I’m totally down. One good fraud deserves another. And those scary vax ingredients we keep “discovering”? Those are for later “boosters.” Right now, the vax is a full-bore psychological operation with just one physical aspect: Taking the shot itself. Thus will the world population be divided into two groups by a ritual initiation of the body through pain, in free will. Any anthropology text or occult grimoire will tell you what full-bore, psycho-spiritual mojo that involves.


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First Covaids nurse

like this

Is fake, an actress, a composite background, a staged event.

Usual psyop material.

In 2020 it’s easy to be fooled because most today live their lives virtually. Now they’re being forced to, aiding in the simulation.

Go meet a human face to face today (not mask to mask).

H/t Skylarkin

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