First Covaids nurse

like this

Is fake, an actress, a composite background, a staged event.

Usual material.

In 2020 it’s easy to be fooled because most today live their lives virtually. Now they’re being forced to, aiding in the simulation.

Go meet a human face to face today (not mask to mask).

H/t Skylarkin

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3 thoughts on “First Covaids nurse

  1. xileffilex

    it seems that there’s a deliberate pro-immigration slant to this story as per Good Morning Britain…

    In addition, the badge of Nurse Parsons has a red sticker “I’ve had my ‘flu jab”. What’s it covering up?
    All very suspicious. Or perhaps nothing at all.…
    And, the photo name badge above shows someone apparently wearing a hijab who looks nothing like her. More conspeeeeraceee candy?

    ‘I was so proud to contribute to stopping the pandemic.’


    PS she also does keyboards.;.…

    PPS I’m starting to think the above video is more distraction…
    see this job advert for respiratory nurse in Coventry……
    For further details / informal visits contact:

    Name – May Parsons

    Job title – Matron for Education and Escalation, Interim Respiratory Matron

    Email address –

    Telephone number – 02476968334

  2. xileffilex

    Intriguing – could they not even find a real nurse to inject some saline into Mrs Keenan, 91? Or any other candidate and nurse in the whole of the UK?

    Is this conspiracy candy to muddy the waters? Here come the fact checkers to bat away the fake trails left by online agents – checking everything BUT “Nurse” Parsons.…

    Also “fact checked” by Reuters….Verdict: Margaret Keenan is not a crisis actor. Yes indeed. But everything around her is fake…


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