6 thoughts on “FAC804-Friday with Geris

  1. dirtybenny

    SMJ and Rollo jousting is beyond entertaining. SMJ calling out The Orange Man’s number one fan was radio gold.
    I literally cannot stop laughing at SMJ asking Rollo..”How do you know that? How do you know that? Because you saw it on TV? ”
    I hope fakeologist listeners will not miss this gem of an exchange at the end of this chat. Kudos to SMJ for asking the hard-nosed questions and to Rollo for remaining so good-natured.

    My favorite SMJ quote, “You can’t tell real life from fucking bullshit.” Gotta keep that arrow in my fakeologist quiver.

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    in response to having elections and actors ready for the psilver screen of what i know as american politics yes 30 years ahead seems a lot to most , but not on their timeline ( onestone )ask smj .
    anyway the finish line is in sight ,im sure with the collapse of the education system the artistocrats will be able to “organicaly”place influencers in whatever position they have done in the past without having to cover thirty years of bullshit and debauchery that is needed to coerse or compromise, someone can add some marxist crap in the mix now . ….
    i fall for heroes too , and pin my hopes on them ,but alas there are no heroes ,not even my brothers and sisters who have not seen their mother since march , doesnt mean a lot to most but too an already neglected 85 year old who only sees me , a new face to see would be nice
    on a lighter note my sister when she was ten visited my mother who at the time was working for corbin in textile industry union ( secretary) underground market manchester, got reems of fabric for dresses , only time i heard of a good politician

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