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Planning a plandemic

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RIIA and Chatham House have been training for a long time.

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Take out your Barf Bags folks.  Today we have a Vimeo video sent to me by JM my fellow “war correspondent grandmother” in The Netherlands.  Watch as much as you are able to of the guy in the video talking…before the nausea sets in.  Keep in mind…this video is from two years ago.  This guy says he’s not a professional…says what he’s doing and teaching others to do is “just a “hobby“.  Yet, keep your eye on his list of “disclosures” that he puts up at the beginning of his power point lecture.  He used to work for a plethora of Big Pharma drug companies–including Merck.  What follows in his presentation is a step-by-step lecture on how to terrorize the population with a fake plandemic. He warns his audience that they will have only–“One chance to do it right!”  Look carefully as the camera pans the audience…Is “The Bullshitter” amongst those sitting in rapt attention?  Quite possibly…because the teacher is in fact Bonnie’s opposite number…i.e., the “Bonnie Henry” from Belgium.  He is teaching other “Bonnie Henry’s”, who will then be set up in cities all around the world to bring forth the 2020 “Lockstep” horror show now known as CovID-19.   Following the link to the Vimeo video below are some e-mails I’ve recently received from JM.  Please watch, read and I will have a few comments to follow:

Source: Communication and public engagement – MARC VAN RAN – ?

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You have one question

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You’re a dolphin doctor.

You’re investigating why after thousands of years dolphins in the ocean are getting sick and dying.

You can only ask one question to lead you to the answer.

Which question would you ask?

  1. Do the dolphins have a genetic problem?
  2. Did the dolphins catch a deadly virus?
  3. Did someone poison the water?

Answer that and ask yourself how did we get to month 9 of Covaids.


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The smiling hand waving philanthropath idiot savant predicts to 2022

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No changes for the indefinite future.

There’s your crystal ball from the emperor of your crashing computer.

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Phase 2: masks will be yellow stars for non vaxxers

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We can see where this is headed. No masks for the blessed/vaxxed.

Masks will be switched to brown paper bags.

The bullying marketing campaign is relentless for something we are told is good for us.

I can see non vaxxed/leper islands. Hope it’s warm there.

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Learn the Risk | Knowledge · Action · Health

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In addition to pharmaceutical drugs and medical error, vaccines are put into the mix. Vaccines do not create immunity, they create customers. It’s the best business model in the world. It keeps people coming back for more – forever.

There are multiple toxic ingredients in vaccines — some known to cause cancer and autoimmune disorders. These toxins create health issues that in turn create customers.


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Don’t trust your doctor

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Do your own research.

In case they’re also trying to flush out non-compliant policy enforcers Laura O’Neal and others need this lawful defence and the critical information below that:

How to Lawfully Decline a Vaccine & Other Pharmaceutical Frauds (e.g. Masks, Tests) 13
Beware of the Covid 1984 PCR test – your life depends upon it 6
From social media:


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