Planning a plandemic

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RIIA and Chatham House have been training for a long time.

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Take out your Barf Bags folks.  Today we have a Vimeo video sent to me by JM my fellow 0;war correspondent grandmother” in The Netherlands.  Watch as much as you are able to of the guy in the video talking…before the nausea sets in.  Keep in mind…this video is from two years ago.  This guy says he’s not a professional…says what he’s doing and teaching others to do is 0;just a 0;hobby0;.  Yet, keep your eye on his list of “disclosures” that he puts up at the beginning of his power point lecture.  He used to work for a plethora of Big Pharma drug companies–including Merck.  What follows in his presentation is a step-by-step lecture on how to terrorize the population with a fake plandemic. He warns his audience that they will have only–“One chance to do it right!”  Look carefully as the camera pans the audience…Is “The Bullshitter” amongst those sitting in rapt attention?  Quite possibly…because the teacher is in fact Bonnie’s opposite number…i.e., the “Bonnie Henry” from Belgium.  He is teaching other “Bonnie Henry’s”, who will then be set up in cities all around the world to bring forth the 2020 “Lockstep” horror show now known as CovID-19.   Following the link to the Vimeo video below are some e-mails I’ve recently received from JM.  Please watch, read and I will have a few comments to follow:

Source: Communication and public engagement – MARC VAN RAN – ?

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6 thoughts on “Planning a plandemic

  1. barbm124

    I’ve been in the city yesterday and watched hordes of black uniforms intimidating non-maskers, enclosing them in groups of 5-6 securities to id a non masker for penalties. I was in a hurry and happy not to get stopped. I wanted some pictures of this to document this for future generations and went to the city again today and quess what? No black uniforms. Not one. Long queues of masks, some non-masks too walking casually. No security. Must have been a TV day yesterday. To bad I have no pictures of it. Haven’t found anything on youtube yet neither.

      1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

        Couldn’t resist a cheap joke
        When we gonna get you and a few others do an audio, heard you mention peice of mindful (mark) I’m sure he’d like to add some things to the mix ,especially some of the posts you highlighted , and any of the fakeologists that post there also,
        Afterall it never falls on dear ears, and seeing as churches are closed it would be gospel, preaching to the choir .

        Some fantastic info coming from all over now,
        Keep up the good work, and Merry Christmas

  2. xileffilex

    They must all be there — at 19:47 see Jonathan van Tam slouched there in the front row in the white shirt, the UK’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer who recently said coronavirus will be with us for ever.
    A room full of scientific and medical crooks learning how to play the crooked media.

    Dangerous people. van Ranst said on November 23 2020 – a compulsory vaccine would be the greatest gift for anti-vaxxers…

    It must have been a coincidence that Belgium, along with a small area of Italy, led the way in hyping the early 2020 “covid” deaths [or producing them by locking up old vulnerable, sick people]

    And this crook van Ranst is still out there scaring the life out of people in this artificially created casedemic…

    We are not on a plateau, we are back in the upward phase of the curve.…

  3. barbm124

    he is the main virologist in Belgium now. A Belgian Fauchi or Drosten if you like.
    I just read in the paper, in Germany Children are supposed to wear masks all day from January on, even the first graders. And still nobody questions it in the mainstream. I know children who have to make sports in their school in masks. Teachers play along so far. My thinking is, they push this horror show as far as possible to make it as absurd as possible. It’s easier to fool than to unfool you know.
    I still can’t believe this will stay for long. The only explanation I have is, they make it to once and for all destroy the old fake medicine. Or maybe I’m wrong and in ten years we still will be waering masks, the few of us who will survive the deadly vaccine, but this seems less possible to me.


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