Fun with statistics of vaccine efficacy

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Here’s how they get the 95% rate. Like the PCR non test, it’s a meaningless improvement over doing nothing. Link

The Pfizer control or placebo population had a 0.8 percent chance of becoming a covid-19 “case” within 105 days. Subjects in the placebo group had a 99.2 percent chance of being covid-19 negative for 105 days. The vaccine reduced that 0.8 percent chance for becoming a covid “case” by 95 percent to 0.04 percent. This is where the 95 percent efficacy figure comes from. On average it took 1 to prevent a single “case” of covid-1 9. It is unclear whether the vaccine will protect against hospitalization. There were more hospitalizations in the control group than in the vaccine group, but the were too small to be statistically significant . If the numeric trends continued for larger numbers of subjects, it would take over nine thousand vaccinations to prevent a single hospitalization. There is no evidence for a mortality benefit from the vaccine at this time. Up to 45 percent of subjects receiving both doses of vaccine will require medication to treat systemic side effects . Based on the evidence to date, I will take my chances with the virus rather than risk the known and unknown side effects of this vaccine”

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