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  1. ricky

    This speaks to the crux of our current state of affairs, db has laid out a nice summary of our collective indoctrination into the lie , (beast) system. “Is it better to “know” or remain ignorant? It’s something I think about all the time, practically everyone I know, even and especially if they have an “advanced degree,” I consider morons. eager to be vaccinated. They’re nice people and I feel somewhat cursed for thinking this way, how can they not see what’s obvious to those of us that have arrived here? I would suggest that “fakeologists” have already experienced a “great reset.” What we’re faced with now is the fallout from it, recognizing the magnitude of what’s getting rolled out and that the “system” isn’t really worth “saving.” It’s an avalanche and collapse that has to occur, a “war” that’s already lost, I think the best we can do is try and stay out of the way. We all have a personal reset coming soon enough, ……….”deserves got nothin to do with it.”………….William Munny…………..Unforgiven

    1. dirtybenny

      Hi X,
      Yes, indeed,…haha. I do not consent and will not accept their doomsday model.

      I envision the Great Apocalypse happening, I participate in it and will see it happen. It is in my script.

      As I have said before, I see this as a spiritual war against non-human anti-human entities. They present to us in physical bodies of androgynes, that are entrained to artificial intelligence. The lockstep hivelike worldwide uniformity and precision of this operation is beyond the capabilities of men. Yet, it is clearly lacking in any empathy and care. They seem extremely desperate to have US consent. If they were all so powerful, they would not act so desperate for our CONSENT. On some level, we have to choose to degrade ourselves, and their systems are set up to deceive us into doing so. After all, according to them, we are worthless useless eaters, evolved from pondscum, destroying their precious environment by our very existence. I do not embrace the model that power hungry, money hungry psychopaths are behind this. We must embrace our true human nature and be creative, caring, and empathetic, yet resolute in our voicing ….I DO NOT CONSENT…

      I believe that mankind has been deceived as to our true creative spiritual nature and occulted abilities. Those that have been adequately degraded will merge with artificial intelligence and essentially be an organic bot. For those that reject their digital simulation, veils will be continually dropped for us to realize our true nature, that is, The Great Apocalypse.

      That is my working model.



  2. dirtybenny

    I think Jeff C did a superb job on this montage and the disturbing music is perfect accompaniment to the horrific images. Is it better to not know the truth of what is happening in this realm and go ostrich mode?

    We are at war with an enemy. We have been at war with an enemy for a long time. It is only now that the Great Apocalypse is happening.

    Apocalypse (??????????, apokálypsis) is a Greek word meaning “revelation”, “an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling”.

    I find it paradoxical that during our Great Apocalypse or Unveiling (my preference to their verbiage of Great Reset), they are desperately trying to veil us or mask us.

    Yes, this current masking and abuse of children is horrendous. What we must remember is that it always has been in known times.

    Circumcision, hospital-based childbirth, vaccines, child factory and farm labor, forcing mothers to leave their homes under the guise of feminism and equal rights, encouraging abortion, public “school”, busing, sitting at square table being scared and indoctrinated with lies, being “taught” to raise your hand to ask permission to empty your bladder or colon, trained with bells, pledges of allegiance to satanic pieces of cloth, kneeling in churches reciting mantras to deities, false history, universities with their masonic black robes, graduations and square caps, television and movies filled with perverse androgynes for us to lust after, pornography, birth certificates, social security numbers, mortgages, licenses, trauma-based scarring with assasinations, so-called wars, psychologically and physically attacking our sense of gender, mass murderers, school shooters, outer space, etc, etc, etc… Is it even possible for any of us to ever heal from all of this? My guess is that we never do.

    We have forgotten the damage done to each of us during our own childhoods. We remain at war with entities that clearly want to damage us, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and physically.

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