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  1. ricky

    I concur that my “why” reasons we’re a bit simplistic X, I was pressed for time and spit out an easy answer, money and status do rule in todays’ society and are probably enough for those who might harbor some doubt about their marching orders. Those that might resist probably realize they’re caught up in a tidal wave and there’s no stopping it, make the best out of the life you have left. You’ll get a sympathetic ear at “fakeologist” or “POM” but that won’t help you get away to Mexico or wherever if you buck the system. One thing I’ve observed lately is the power our system has to indoctrinate intelligent people into believing almost anything without question. I think that’s the main source of “why” most “high ranking officials” go along with the program, they’re “super believers” like the rest of society, they’re not any smarter, just good at manipulation for the sake of personal gain. I’ve had long conversations with successful, smart people lately where I gently challenge their beliefs, I’ve come to understand that their indoctrination has become part of the “essence” of who they are and cannot let it go. This is a common trait of most people that I’ve tried to reach, it’s a “built in” feature of the “beast system” an intentional feature based on repetition that plays on human psychology. At any advanced age, 99% of people just aren’t capable of stripping down their belief system and it doesn’t drop much in younger groups based on what I observe, I’m not sure why this motley crew here has become humble enough to accept being fooled for so long, it’s better, but we’re still all in the same boat. I don’t doubt that some spiritual tug of war is in play like db suggests and I’m open to those ideas but I’m just sticking to my anecdotal experiences for the sake of this discussion.

  2. ricky

    That’s a good 16 min. summary xilieffilex, although I don’t think the hedge-fund managers are at the top of the food chain and I doubt you do as well. “Who or what is coercing all politicians and their scientific advisers around the world to act in lockstep?” I think the what is easy, money or (a new money not yet unveiled) and a retention of their privileged status in the upcoming system. The “who” is the quadrillion dollar question, what’s different about this operation is it’s scale and it’s forcing high profile people to do things they don’t want to do, they don’t mind lying and stealing and committing fraud of course but even assholes probably hate wearing masks all the time.

    1. xileffilex

      The economic side of this crazy new reality is fascinating. In the UK, the free money system supporting the economic run-down is now extended until April 30. I’ve been watching a series of US-centered videos explaining the whole fake money system which is based essentially on nothing at all. The collapse has to come, [in the title of the Robinson/Berwick book, a controlled demolition. Timing will be key.

      Is money and jostling for position in the new system really what’s driving all these here-today-gone-tomorrow politicians and medical advisers around the world ‘just carrying out orders’? I don’t think so. I suppose for guidance we must go back again to the earlier totalitarian systems with which our current predicament has many parallels yet hardly anyone including modern historians can or wants to see them. I guess the same “who” were also pulling the strings of all those previous world events.

  3. xileffilex

    Dave Cullen has a good chat with Ernst Wolff about the financial empires driving the economic side of zee Great Reezet and the [busted] economics behind it. [ Several other people are also talking about the impending global Weimar Republic, arrival date unknown]

    This is superficially quite separate from the human control grid [aka Animal Farm] which is being rolled out. You could have a financial reset without the control system for Agenda 2030, or vice versa But we’re going to get both of them running in parallel. That’s smart A digital currency and UBI will be the corollaries but it’s not time yet.

    The BBC has never produced a news story or documentary about Klaus Schwab or the World Economic Forum in connection with Zee Great Reezet. Fancy missing a great news story like that, lol! Except….by the “fact checkers” who never want to check government-promoted scientific “facts”.
    Nov 22 2020

    ..the revival of the baseless conspiracy theory, known as the ‘Great Reset’, which claims a group of world leaders orchestrated the pandemic to take control of the global economy. * The plan explores how countries might recover from the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

    The WEF recovery plan has been interpreted as sinister, first by fringe conspiracy theory groups on social media, and then by prominent conservative commentators…

    But the suggestion that politicians planned the virus **, or are using it to destroy capitalism ** is wholly without evidence.
    So too is the notion that the World Economic Forum has the authority to tell other countries what to do, or that it is coordinating ** a secret cabal of world leaders

    * seems eminently reasonable
    ** standard ‘fact-checking’ misdirection.
    Although the question is begged, who or what is coercing all politicians and their scientific advisers around the developed world to act in lockstep around a 2010 Rockerfeller script?

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