FAC807-Big Friday Chat

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Big call with Geris, Ab, Lostspiderphallus, Skylarkin, TomD, Anounceofsalt, Rollo, Beevie, Fliegenfeurst

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1 thought on “FAC807-Big Friday Chat

  1. xileffilex

    The Swiss “coronakrizeez” even made the BBC yesterday after an MP there had to temerity to suggest that [paraphrasing] the whole economy ought not to be trashed to save an extra few months of granny’s life]

    What [the MP] actually said was that the virus “is another sign that our lives are finite”, that “we need to learn to deal with death”, that “every death (not just from Covid) is a loss, but not every death is a catastrophe”.

    horror! How callous not thinking of granny, average age 82!
    Here’s the accompanying Swiss graph…helpfully compiled by the Event 201 planners


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