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Hockey Good night in Canadistan

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Hmmm… We have a sports media family at the center of this?

This is starting to smell like atrocity propaganda.

It’s easy to fall for. The covid psyop has been using it very effectively in other countries. Now it’s here. Even the bbq story is suss.

Meet the Weisblatts.

Another pathetic example of how far this charade is going while good men do NOTHING to help this man.

Stand up now Canada. This is sick.



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Mexico: López Obrador says pandemic lockdowns are the tactic of dictators

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How long can he go against the international bankster medical mafia elite cartel?

The Mexican government has gone against the grain of international anti-virus practices in two ways. It has offered changing and contradictory advice on the utility of wearing face masks, and has described mass testing as wasteful and pointless.


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