2 thoughts on “Rosa Koire Explains Agenda 21 and what will become of those empty office towers

  1. xileffilex

    Yes, great chat. These residential skyscrapers are going up all over London – and not long after everyone was cheering and clapping when the old blocks were being dynamited because, you know, they were antisocial creations. LOL!!! What indeed is the future for the new office blocks which continue to be built in the financial districts? Just wait until they start demolishing all the retail space surplus to requirements.
    Update – Rosa mentioned INTU in the UK., Some of the INTU portfolio of malls and stores has been taken over by GLOBAL MUTUAL following the bankruptcy of INTU Properties in June 2020. A new company INTU SGS has been formed
    … and these are the best of the crop, 4 malls, “developable land – 25 acres”

    Value is being created by forming a diverse secure cashflow, improving the offer vibrancy [sic] to drive footfall, addressing operational efficiencies and unlocking alternative use potential.

    Catherine Austin Fitts [who’s been on with Tom Cowan] brings together the green control grid mechanism which Rosa summarises and the restructuring of the whole financial and economic system for which the former is so necessary to usher in monetary enslavement of the masses. The two must go hand in hand.

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