9 thoughts on “This doctor poked the Big Harma bear

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    its funny even though here at fakeologist (other reputable truth channels are available ?nah ) we know the race for the whitehouse and following procrastinations are rigged years ahead ,but a lot will equate trump saying fraud with covaids and not the election ,when hes worse than fauci or any other deliveryboy weve seen in the past year , just like the caduceus is the opposite of wellbeing but used by the health overlords , and the only bat involved in this scam is that gremlin fucker bat-eson and his method or g factor between smj and that chap on pom im lurning .
    merry christmas
    was there any of you entertained bat ,

  2. barbm124

    Hi ab, why didn’t you put the fainting nurse here? There are many links with funny comments. This doctor seems so reasonable the entire time but then says he believes in Covid and had a friend who almost died. Not sure what to make out of it. They all have the problem that they want to question Corona measures which are cleanly derived from the theory their entire life work is based on. Yet still a useful admission of vaccines doing harm.

  3. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    oh and im sure knowing what code youd attach to a human and a bat isnt hard , i reckon they made up the alphabet as soon as it went digital,probably just as easy as making a pcr test go purple , magentainment all day long
    i dont have to remind you folks David Ickes been heading the charge for some , wizards not lizards
    nothing is hidden

  4. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    oh and i do coincidences but in interstellar apart from the bat space ship and uncannily simmilar journey as the phages do stories im reliably told ,we also have a deathbed confession like pasteur ala-kazam , bet this connection with a bat holds more water than most, think we know where operation warpspeed was born, nolens that cockey he even gets toto in the end of interstellar, i wont ruin it

  5. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    You know me I’m always on the look out for a song to use with an idea, for the caduceus though I’m stuck on Cher’s gypsies tramps and thieves,
    Couldn’t find much about the planet alignments tonight, so I made wizard of oz video with bat DNA rna going into a blackhole,
    Stay safe, it should really be stay put

    1. napoleon wilson( non mason )


      reckon nolen might be in on the script , giant waves encompassing the planet batshaped spaceship allowing man to evolve on ,lets not forget the power of love and time travel is always ahit ,the batship (its no millenium fall-con)but reckon its tight enough , does 23 years 4 month 8 days mean much in the astrovirology dept i dunno food for thought,,,,,oh and extreme social distancing through time and space (tesseract)
      reckon an ape would kill flying monkey

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