Why they only want employees or agents

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Garth Turner, who I read for real estate amusement (following his predictions would likely have cost you big), has taken a hard vax stance. Why he’s decided to leave his housing sandbox and hammer vaxxing is suspicious.

I suspect Big Harma is spending billions on influencing influencers, since they will be taking in trillions of state dollars. The whole circle is beyond incestuous.

He writes that it will be impossible to be an employee and get a vax exemption, even if you know the vax will kill you.

This is why your rulers don’t want independent or small businesses. SMEs aren’t as eager or willing to enforce state policy, and prefer to be flexible and free. They will also accommodate their small workforce to do the same.

Hopefully this insane employment 0;law” won’t stand, since covaids is based on a giant lie.

On Friday Americans gained insight into this as the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission published its guidance on Covid, employer rights, employee obligations, the vaccine and labour law. You can read it all here.

The conclusion was clear: requiring that an employee be vaxed against Covid does not constitute a medical intrusion or a personal rights violation (as would a mandatory blood test or breathe analysis, for example). Therefore it’s a legal request. In fact, even if an employee refuses vaccination for medical or religious reasons, they can still be terminated. See this…

The choice www.greaterfool.ca/2020/12/20/…

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