FAK256-Markus Allen

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Markus and I chat about Covaids and vaccines.

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I’ve been listening to some of ’s old audios from 2008.

It’s amazing how spot on he was back then. He was right far more often than wrong.

He solved —little if anything was missing from his analysis that’s been updated for 2020.

He has given me permission to post my favorites here or fakeotube.com.

He has a new newsletter called No-Tyranny eNewsletter. You’ll find a latest audio there.

Show notes:

Companion Notes

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3 thoughts on “FAK256-Markus Allen

  1. dirtybenny

    Ab had the best line of the chat.

    Markus trying to remember Spiro’s name, says it’s the guy with one name….

    Ab never missed a beat and deadpanned …”Madonna?”

    Spiro has been deleted from Twitter, by the way.

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