Annual feel good story: the violin story recycled

likes this

Likely a fake story – one we’ve heard many times over the years.

Only a dementia patient is going to lose a valuable instrument like this – on public transit.

A cherished 263-year-old violin lost on the TTC subway has been located, say. The violin’s owner, Royce Rich, is currently in Vancouver with his family and is looking forward to retrieving the instrument once he returns to the city in January.

Source: The missing 263-year-old violin on the TTC subway has been found. ‘This is the ultimate Christmas gift’ | The Star

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1 thought on “Annual feel good story: the violin story recycled

  1. xileffilex

    I’ve said the same – and then I get into stupid arguments with ‘intelligent’ people who are always trying to rationalise how experienced professional musicians will store their Strads and Guaneris on the luggage rack and get into such absorbing conversations on trains that they totally forget about their priceless instrument. suuuuure.

    Oh lookeee…I didn’t even know this one had happened in 2019, straight out of the script template…
    Musician Stephen Morris reunited with £250,000 Tecchler violin

    A 310-year-old violin worth £250,000 that was left on a train in south London has been returned to its owner.
    The instrument was handed over to professional musician Stephen Morris in a supermarket car park in Beckenham after secret negotiations.
    Plain-clothes police officers attended in case the handover went wrong, as the man who had the violin said he had made a mistake and apologised.

    Mr Morris said having the violin back had not yet “sunk in”.
    Nov 2 2019

    like I said, suuuuuuure


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