FAK257-Uncle Odd Christmas Party

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5 thoughts on “FAK257-Uncle Odd Christmas Party

  1. dirtybenny

    This podcast was just wonderful. The respect, grace, and spirit of the men and ladies involved was striking. I am blessed to have found this collection of special souls who have helped me to understand the nature of this place and this journey.

    As I mentioned to JLB in the chat, this is especially noteworthy when you have so many Titans of Fakeology in the same conversation, especially Markus, Ab, and JLB. Class act individuals who carried this conversation with respect, humility, and grace. Thanks to Todd for providing the forum and all the participants. The good will and spiritual harmony was easily discernible. I agree with Markus as far as focusing on the optimism. I will continue to highlight my evidence for The Great Apocalypse. This podcast is Exhibit One.

  2. xileffilex

    Around 1h – Re: the engineered truck chaos towards the ferries and tunnel connecting the UK to France [there are other ferry routes e.g. to Netherlands from Harwich which nobody talks about although that port was kept conveniently in the “Tier 2 ” field on Animal Farm]
    Here’s a video from someone who is awake, although he doesn’t make any connection with previous economic manipulations which have made the UK a net importer of almost everything including human beings and shut down much of the rail freight operation in past decades.

    To be honest, the whole UK plc operation is pretty “unsustainable” these days, propped up by the fake money system and little else. I’d guess many of those “export” trailers are empty. Looks real and staged, with a cast of useful idiots.

    It’s a multi-layered operation. I wouldn’t even start to try to unravel it.

    PS – London is the 2021 Wuhan for the “nooo variant covey”

  3. ricky

    It was sad listening to Ab talking about his pathetic zoom call, I like the phrase “you can’t wake up the dead” and do agree sometimes out of frustration the people I speak with are so frightened they might as well be dead. Most retain good qualities otherwise and our relationships are worth preserving in spite of their deep indoctrination. I live amongst them, we have a tight neighborhood and if things get bad we will support one another. So my situation is ok and don’t think my wife and I could move anywhere else to make our lives better, I don’t believe there’s enough time to develop trust with a new group. It’s a bizarre situation, I had a friend that lived a few houses away when I was young, his birth was complicated and he ended up having brain damage. He was a sweet soul but thought like a twelve year old, it was a good lesson in understanding and having compassion for those that are unable to think in terms that you can grasp. My strategy is shifting towards being realistic about our situation, I can flow easily amongst the tidal wave that’s engulfing us, just communicate on twelve year old level and most interactions are smooth. The worst things in my life is witnessing friends and family succumbing to the fearful propaganda, I can’t change that, I’ve already tried, hopefully I have some good years left and can’t waste time trying to hold back the tide.


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