Inverted view ensures causes will never be found

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As many here know, I am fascinated with type 1 diabetes and its projected strong growth in children, as my daughter has been recently diagnosed.

My preferred view of health is the terrain theory. That means that that only 4 things cause illness expression: injury, malnutrition, stress and toxins (including vaccines).

My suspicion is that vaccines are the cause of most auto immune diseases. Since these diseases are on an exponentional rise and are projected to continue, besides vaccines, what other toxins are around and increasing to cause our bodies to attack themselves?

Try searching vaccines causing auto immune disease on the state controlled media and you will get the inverted results.

Research’s premise and focus is that virus is the cause of illness and vaccine is the cure for everything, including smoking and drinking.

Terrain states that virus are the body’s response to poisoning, and are unique and unduplicable from person to person – and definitely not contagious.

If Big Harma science ignores this, and avoids looking for its brother industry Big Chem’s toxic products. Their toxic products, being all pervasive, may appear like contagions, but in fact are not.

This article shows how impossible and backwards research is, a deliberate hobbling of finding a solution in order to forever subvert the terrain theory and Big Chem’s stranglehold on modern medicine.

They will forever see viri and exosome as the cause of illness, and not the response.

According to many observations, certain virus infections may play a part in the autoimmune attack that leads to type 1 diabetes. Researchers have now produced a vaccine for these viruses in the hope that it could provide protection against the disease..…

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