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Savour small victories

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The coronavirushoax will only be unravelled in a strong USA.

Western New York gym owner Robbie Dinero won a court victory over the state of New York that will allow him to open his gym at full capacity.  State Supreme Court Judge Paul B. Wojtaszek allowed the gym to open at full capacity. The judge said there was a “right to normalcy” and he threw out the state’s 25% capacity limit. Owner Robbie Dinero was naturally thrilled with the outcome,

Source: New York Gym Owner Gets Huge Court Win Over Cuomo’s COVID-19 Restrictions | Dan Bongino

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Manufacturing dependence

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Best part of this video is at 22:00 to 24:00.

The purpose of destroying all SMEs is to create a permanent reliance on central government, as has been so successful (allegedly) in China.

Problem with that is China is built on American entrepreneurial business know how.

When they kill that off, we’ll all disintegrate into a desolate, post communist state.


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9000 people rule earth

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This guy says “they” are about 9000 people that rule the world.

That’s about 2500 families.

Sounds about right.

I’ll try and find a pdf and read the book. Let me know if you find one.

We Sleep They Live By David Michael Beechwood


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The Awakening – World Truth Summit

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For decades, researchers worldwide have uncovered hidden truths about what the future had in store: world governments, digital currencies, and new world orders.

Researchers, reporters, authors alike were discredited and labelled Conspiracy Theorists. Now in the midst of global pandemic, we are seeing many of these very “theories” being openly discussed by world leaders. Terminologies like: “The Great Reset”, “Build Back Better”, “Agenda 2030”, “World Vaccinations,” “Microchipping”, are terms being referenced in the media and by governments around the world.


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