9 thoughts on “RIP Jeff C. | Tiffany Dover faints after Covid vaccine & Alvin’s Tennessee explosion on Christmas

  1. localherog2

    Honestly, I’m no fan of Jeff C but I’ve never been able to stomach this asshat. His bloviating about Gematria has gotten us no closer to figuring out who or what is running this elaborate hoax.

  2. dirtybenny

    Zach’s response to Jeff C’s reported death was appalling and disrespectful. I have unsubscribed. I don’t care what kind of information he gives with his precious gematria. I don’t want to be consuming that kind of spiritual energy, not respecting the value of life.

    Where is the focus on life and its meaning? Where is the level of spiritual energy? I personally believe that “death” is the greatest deception of all. I do not fear it nor mourn those who have gone through it. That transition is the same as the birth process and I look forward to it. As Jeff said so presciently in so many words to Camille in their last show….we should focus on living life and not fearing death. I agree.

    1. localherog2

      You’re unsubscribing because you don’t agree 100% with a post that wasn’t even authored by the host of this service? Where else are you going to get this type of info gathered and compiled for you every day? Instead of unsubscribing, you ought to be donating to this site. I can’t imagine being without it. Apparently, you’ve never heard of the phrase, “Don’t shoot the messenger.”

      1. dirtybenny

        Hi localherog2,

        Thanks for your comment. As Xileffilex has already highlighted, I have unsubscribed from Zach, despite my seeing that his work and his gematria has value. I am unsubscribing based on spiritual intent. I do not want to consume that energy. I have not “unsubscribed” to Fakologist.com and I do donate a small bit here. I don’t shoot messengers, I invite them over for a shot and beer. You are welcome to stop by and enjoy one when you are in Northeast USA.

        To be clear, I am not defending or supporting the annointing of Jeff C. I have many many core disagreements with him on many issues, most obviously his belief that the Jews are behind everything.

        If I based my consumption of information on a litmus test of my own beliefs, I would have to stop listening to others entirely. I am not defending or embracing the liturgy of Jeff C, Chris Kendall, Ab, JLB, Simon Shack, QOC, IPS, Markus, etc. I try and glean what their intent is when I listen to their information. The attitude and intent of Zach when hearing of someone dying in this place was callous and lacking empathy to his survivors. As I have said before, I think death is a deception.

        As the EGI component is an important cornerstone to my understanding of this place, most fakeologists dismiss it, and would dismiss my thoughts as well. No worries, I know they have no malice intended. We just differ in beliefs and understandings. Moreover, that is what many of us are here for, i.e. to have our belief systems challenged.

        JLB’s video posted is unsettling and I was not aware of it. But, to be clear, this is not about Jeff C and my defending his sainthood. My comment addressed Zach’s response to someone’s death. I don’t think that he was taking the high road or the path we should aspire to.

          1. dirtybenny

            I agree, but that is not the gist of JLB’s video or the intent of Zach’s video.

            My comment is addressing Zach’s response to Jeff C’s reported death.

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