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From one of my favorite and writers of all time.

Dear all,

From the perspective of, I dare say that 2020 has been the most ‘productive & awakening’ year ever. It has undeniably produced and awakened millions of people to the utterly crass and cynical antics of our lovely planet’s psychopathic rulers. As the incurable optimist that I am, I wish to apologize here and now to all gloom-ridden doomsday-sayers, in case my present words make them cringe. In any event, it can hardly be denied that the (incredibly silly) Moronavirus Scam has done wonders to lower the (sadly far-too-high) percentage of people – a.k.a. 0;normies” – who dismiss offhand all critical / alternative thinkers as “conspiracy theorists”.

Yes, I’m confident that what I like to call the Nutwork clowns (a.k.a. “the powers that shouldn’t be”) have grossly miscalculated this last psychological operation of theirs – as sold to the masses through their mainstream news channels. A strong indicator of this fact is that MOST people are not buying this Covid pandemic narrative. As of my personal survey studies, more than 70% – in Europe and the USA – are NOT willing to let their bodies be injected with the various proposed “Covid vaccine” concoctions. As much as I hate to sound like a preacher, I will nonetheless (from the bottom of my heart) solemnly ask the remaining 30% (i.e. those people apparently still willing to take some type of “Covid vaccine”) to reconsider: the very fate of humanity is at stake. Mind you, not because these “vaccines” are necessarily going to kill us all – but to go along with this game forced upon us by our governments is simply not a smart thing to do. Here in Italy, we call such people “Covidioti” (Covidiots) – and rightly so.

Lastly, I will just hope that we all manage to keep our spirits strong and high – since the Nutwork’s main plan is evidently to push dissenters into despair and depression.

So there. This was my humble yet sincere “state of the union address” for this 2020-2021 transition. May reason prevail.

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