3 thoughts on “2021-2025 and beyond

  1. ricky

    Agree completely with your’ deeper dive regarding these non-mainstream economists xileffilex and they do keep us much better informed than anything the normies are consuming. I’ve been following guys like “The Market Sniper” for over a dozen years, my entre into “Fakeology” was through investigating the “money rackets” offered by the mainstream financial community. It’s just when knowing how to protect yourself from what’s coming, the PTB keep moving the goal-posts and changing “rules” as they go. My deeper point that I didn’t articulate well was it’s still a guessing game and the elites will try to block the exits, it’s not going to be as easy as just buying bitcoin, I’m almost certain of that.

  2. ricky

    I think he’s got it right generally, we can all quibble about the identities of the controllers and their various lieutenants but the blueprint he’s laying out is plausible based on the compliance I’ve witnessed. The interview with Vaclav Klaus was also on the mark, both lay out a sober view of our collective plight. One note of caution when listening to analysts looking at this from a mostly financial perspective is they are usually selling a product. Trading “systems,” precious metals, bitcoin etc. While I think their reasonings in many areas are sound, they have no more advance information than the rest of us and can be wiped out overnight in spite of their bravado, so make your’ best guesses and hedge accordingly.

    1. xileffilex

      Excellent points as usual, Ricky . I do think however, these investors and advisers do for selfish reasons study the small print on the packets of information quietly being issued by the BIS, IMF, WEF, ECB, the BoE, the Fed etc. which are there in plain view for those who care or have time to look for it. Fortunately, these non-mainstream economists do share their discoveries and predictions with us. As with the rest of the MSM, the financial journalists are a disgrace and will ignore such warnings. As I have mentioned already, the BBC [just taking one example] has not mentioned the WEF’s Great Reset once in 2020 afaics. What we here learn only comes about through pooling and sharing various discoveries on recherche blogs and in [now scattered] videos. The vast majority of people who don’t listen to these financial videos are living in dreamland waiting for things to return to normal or at best they think that nothing in the current state of play in the phoney pandemic makes sense. To us it makes a whole viral load of sense.

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