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  1. xileffilex

    Good interview, although he doesn’t get steered into the who or why behind this circus. The original video has been taken down and can’t be traced.
    It’s not even up on his own instutute’s web site.
    There is a shorter interview from early May 2020 in English here -from Liechtenstein [!]
    Now it might seem naive to say we should ask “them” when it’s going to end….

    I hadn’t realised that CNN launched in Czech Republic in May 2020 – interesting timing. V, Klaus was recently interviewed in Czech – I only add this to show the ridiculous virtue signalling and behavioural steering of the bombshell interviewer in her stupid purple face mask.

    Vaclav K is now [Dec 31] talking in terms of <a href=”https://www.institutvk.cz/clanky/1677.html>crimes against humanity when we have asymptomatic spread brainwashing us all.

    Czech Republic is one of the biggest manufacturers of the fake pandemic in Europe – 52 percent of tests are positive!

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