Listen to a bald guy with a whiteboard

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2021 has started with a bang – my favorite part of this reset is finding top content creators. I don’t like the message but the truth is painful.

Frank – The Reset Sniper – is a top mind.

h/t Jan Erik

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3 thoughts on “Listen to a bald guy with a whiteboard

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    oops meant to add how pat and simon resolve man made orbits,
    possible or not?
    not getting into shape of the planet , more the mechanism
    similar to asking a doctor what contagion experiment convinced him or her contagion is real.
    happy new year girls

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    if i was to ask who on fakeologist who we,d,like to hear ,your handle would be pushed before most without a doubt the most prolific busy body going on
    happy new year you fucking monster

    i watched the tycho video , patrick has a fine beard , simon sounded relaxed as usual , quite easy to follow with three voices and a few slides , i look forward to more from the chaps, very laid back and not a hint of new age crap well apart from the roundhouse ,which i loved by the way,
    could simon post the data that he mentions (quotes from leading observatories from 68 cheers , im not a clues forum member so it would be appreciated, was a nice change i subbed to him also
    heres part 1… . fine beard on pat, the tychosium is well worth a look

  3. xileffilex

    Francis Hunt is a good find. It’s interesting that the non-mainstream economists and investors manage to get beyond the “it doesn’t make any sense” buffers which people who only question the dodgy science and restrictions on freedom arrive at.

    An interesting [German] scientist ** in Imperial College [yes…], Robert Endres has recently been interviewed by Anna Brees and he seems to go much further than most in his [Biological Physics] field in calling out the nonsense which he is surrounded with. He also seems uneasy with current nostrums around viruses and disease. He also hints that many scientists know that all the corony advice is BS but aren’t going to speak out because of their research funding etc etc. You don’t have to be in exactly the same field to call BS on science – people who referee papers or assess funding grants are in the same boat.

    Drawing a parallel, at the end of the video,with Galileo however is unhelpful bearing in mind Simon and Patrick’s recent lucubrations on the subject of heliocentricity… [excellent Tychos follow up video here btw on parallax]

    ** also bald 🙂


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