1 thought on “Make no Mistake – This is Genocide – Vernon Coleman

  1. xileffilex

    I must have killed thousands of people…. how can I live with the fact that I have blood on my unwashed hands?

    Thanks to Vernon for bringing up this most disgusting piece of a collaborator’s scaremongering propaganda from one Professor Hugh Montgomery who works in intensive care at London’s Whittington Hospital, and leads a research group at UCL, – can you believe he’s working in a hospital at 4.30 pm on New Year’s Eve? No? Nor can I.


    “50 per cent of more will not know they have this virus” each person can spread this to 4 or 5 people and each of those can spread it…”
    “One person can infect hundreds of thousands of people very easily”

    “10 days to hit an ICU” [after all the bad behaviour of Christmas and New Year, lol!]

    “Whole families come in [to hospital] now…..watching whole familes getting wiped out here”

    Apparently caused by people not washing their hands lol!.

    “Half of the patients are younger than [58]”

    What a jerk. But a dangerous jerk. Time for a full lockdown and curfew. There will definitely be bodies in the street if we believe to this collaborator, lol!

    If you want to see this peddler of fear pushing the same narrative back on March 25 but with full face. see here:

    He was only going to infect 1.3-1.4 people with flu back then. Despicable individual.

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