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  1. barbm124

    they don’t teach us how to handle cops in schools, do they? In Germany we don’t need to carry an id, but we have to identify ourselves if stopped by cops. All we need to say is our correct name and address. they can prove it immediately. We never ever have to say anything about the issue. It is not wise to ask cops questions, it is bad to turn our backs to them, it is bad to start arguing with cops, because all this will then be used as a sign of resistance to the state power, which is not allowed in Germany. But you won’t learn this in schools or from movies. Also for the most issues there is nothing in the files, which makes it useless for trials but the citizens don’t have the right to see the files. For this they have to hire a lawyer, which costs some money which you’ll never get back. Or you pay the penalty and accept this abuse of power. They don’t teach this either. Instead kids have to memorize names of politicians and other useless stuff.

    OT: I stumbled upon this older video recently:

    You may like it, ab.

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