Trump (finally) says COVID-19 deaths are “far exaggerated”

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Love him, hate him or think he’s a 666th degree Freemason — it’s a hopeful sign when the president of the United States openly proclaims, what us in the COVID truth movement have been saying since March: It’s hardly accurate to count people without any respiratory issues as a death from COVID-19.…

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1 thought on “Trump (finally) says COVID-19 deaths are “far exaggerated”

  1. xileffilex

    The hurdle we need to get over is to accept the behavioural psychologists’ mantra that deaths are “preventable”. Deaths can only be delayed and in this phoney manufactured crisis, the inevitable deaths would not have been delayed very long, despite handwashing, masking, not hugging granny and,er, shutting down large parts of the world economy. Only a few people will ask this purely economic question – how many trillions of dollars were spent [unquantifiably] extending the lives of mainly very sick or very old people? The answer, of course, is that the shut downs are nothing to do with any phoney virus [“zat, eef I may zay zo, ist FICTION”] and the cost-benefit analysis, which all health care must be subjected to , is irrelevant in this controlled demolition of the whole system.


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