What Really Is Holding Back Our Hospitals During COVID?

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Many perpetuated the lie that is the COVID pandemic and people are fed up. While fear is preventing many healthcare professionals from speaking out, fear of job losses, public shaming; Andrew, a nurse in Ontario wrote this powerful message to his MPP outlining the real situation in our hospitals. It is clear hospitals are not overwhelmed and patients in need are left waiting.


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1 thought on “What Really Is Holding Back Our Hospitals During COVID?

  1. barbm124

    the fastest courts are the labor courts. That’s basically what Reiner Füllmich is saying too. If you are forced to wear a mask in your job, use the labor law and try to convince your boss Corona is fake and will be judged properly soon. As for now media is going mad and I read more absurdities every day. Obviously they feel they have nothing to lose anymore and will lie anything until it all blows.

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