The covaids vaccine is just a drug – and free of Liability

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You won’t be getting a vaccine. It’s a straight up drug, masquerading as a vaccine to absolve Big Harma of all liability.

It’s also being released under Emergency Order, allowing it to bypass all normal testing.

Hello human Guinea Pigs.

One of the main points here is this drug is NOT a vaccine in any conventional use of that word. It is a genetic-engineered drug designed to have its effect through some sort of modification of your DNA. If that isn’t a scary proposition, I don’t know what is.

Their ‘Vaccines’ Are Genetic-Engineered Drugs…

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1 thought on “The covaids vaccine is just a drug – and free of Liability

  1. xileffilex

    How do we know what’s in any of these clear liquid vaccines? It’s all predicated on what they tell us, not what can be independently shown to exist. And having so many different ones [allegedly] with such crazily varying storage conditions is surely the biggest red flag **. Has anyone ever got hold of some and analysed it? How do we know what is being injected into these aged clowns posing for the media is the same as what every idiot volunteer will receive?

    Can we even believe the UK government when it says about 2 per cent of the whole population have received the “shot” already?…

    We’re living in a sea of scare stories coming out of the hospitals. Crisis acting at its best. People are allegedly dropping like fles but you’d never know it if you didn’t listen or read anything from the MSM.

    ** And now, to add a further layer on nonsense, you can now mix and match [yes!] your first and second shot vaccines. This is beyond belief.…

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