The capitol event

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One staged event changes the channel – forever.

The media will play this tune for the next 20 years. One aim? To destroy any chance Trump can come back in 2024 to run for the presidency. To completely snuff out his future—or the future of his son, Donald, Jr.—in politics.

Another aim? To discredit all Trump supporters and cast them as violent lunatics.…

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1 thought on “The capitol event

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    the fuckups that were obviously paid to storm the capitol had a few reasons apart from the t.v. idiots believing it was organic they were also bait to see how many real people would join in after the disallusionment of 2020,but how to identify your crisis actors ? couldnt use uniforms hence the cosplay (bayerwolf) and other shithouses in fancydress, so anyone who wasnt in fancydress would be easily identified and shot if they didnt stay inside the velvet rope

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