FAC820-Big Chat

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6 thoughts on “FAC820-Big Chat

  1. Vespadouglas

    i remember cluesforum questioning covaids last january. perhaps the 2015/16 suspicions about the credibility of “flat earth” content creators was enhanced by the david weiss, jeran, potato friendships

  2. John le Bon

    A total irrelevance nowadays aside from Tychos research.

    In my opinion, it was the Tychos shemozzle a few years back which finally sunk the already-sinking CF ship.

    They tried to character assassinate yours truly for daring to question the official spinning ball earth cosmology in 2015 / 16.

    And then a couple years later, Simon comes out with a ‘model’ predicated on the idea that outer space is a real place.


    Game over, man. Game over.

    Where’s Hoi Polloi these days? The last call I heard with him and Ab, maybe six or eight months ago now, sounded like Hoi wanted to be talking to anybody but Ab, and about anything but media fakery.

    I wonder if Hoi saw the writing on the wall with Simon and his Tychos model.

    I’ve not nothing against either of those two characters, by the way, Simon and Hoi. They did some good work back in the day. I wish them well today and into the future.

    Reality is, when I was new in the scene, they tried to stop me, when all I wanted to was collaborate and share ideas.

    And now look at them.

    Things could have been so much different, so much better.

  3. xileffilex

    Around 5h10m – Peter pushes Catherine Fitts and hey presto, she’s called out as some kind of CO at CF.
    Is that really the best analysis? I note that both guests side-stepped the questions Ab posed about the quasi-silence around corony on that forum. The Great Reset links the BBC and Cluesforum : neither wants to discuss it or mention it.

    I know that the biggest hoax of our time is not very visual, apart from the staged hospital scenes from Italy/US and the dancing nurse routines, but Cluesforum has been one big disappointment from the start. A total irrelevance nowadays aside from Tychos research.

    Ex-YouTube content creators [some still hanging on] and a few bloggers – all given exposure here at Fakeologist.com – are the only sources now to find out what’s really happening in this takedown of the social and economic world as we knew it in 2019.


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