Backs to the wall

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From Uncle Odd:

I’m at the dentist without a mask and after I sat down, this woman gave me a horrified look and SHAMED me (?) by turning her back to me.

I decided to increase the level of my breathing and manufactured some big, healthy exhales.

What a great time to be alive (and breathing)!

The people are really scared.

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9 thoughts on “Backs to the wall

  1. barbm124

    the majority will always look for a leader. That’s because we are herd animals and the global society we currently live in is to much freedom for to many. I’m still convinced in the second half of the year this will be over, one way or the other. Every hoax gets replaced by a new one. This person on the picture will probably wear her mask long time after. Which is fine with me. The exit from this corona situation will be made through the vaccines. The same way media are lying about infection numbers they will lie about the numbers of vaccinated people. There are not much vaccines. You cannot produce billions of small ampules in such a short period of time, you cannot transport them around the world, etc. Of course you cannot produce the actual vaccine fluid too. This numbers are also invented by the media. What they do is to scare people of vaccination from both sides. The critics report how dangerous the vaccines must be without necessary tests, the mainstream shows us videos with nurses losing consciousness or videos with faked injections. Of course many will still be eager to get vaccinated and they can. It’s just a jab with some clear fluid in it. Could be anything, right? But the masses will avoid vaccination for now. And as long as media lie about numbers of vaccinated people they will one day say, the work is done, enough people got vaccinated and the plandemic is over. When you fight against something invisible which nobody can see or touch, you can make everything up and nobody will ever know, right? What difference does it make if you make a vaccine within a year or within 10 years? What can you change or adjust if you have side effects? The story suggests they can “develop” a vaccine like a better tv set and it is but a matter of time. then why didn’t they develop vaccines for all the other sicknesses yet? You cannot “develop” a cure, a cure has to be invented or discovered. Otherwise there would be cure for anything already. And since there still are sicknesses, there is no cure for any of them. It’s simple logic. There definitely is more critic visible now than when the show started. People got more aware and there is a turning point when the dam breaks. This may be the other way. This is our “World War”. It’s not the first one and probably not the last one.

    1. Unreal

      This is indeed a planned public deception – and it is not a new scam, but an old one. If one do not accept the infectious nature of illness – there never has been any viral pandemics, regardless of “historical facts”.

      ” There are not much vaccines ” barbm124

      The scarcity of vaccines is in my opinion just a lure. Making vaccines scarce and difficult to manufacture in very a short period of time are all strategies part of the public mind-conditionning – and false paradigms.

      The rarity of the vaccine is of course to artificially spike public demand and interest – like for oil or diamonds.

      The advanced technology is to sway the public with incomprehensive science and expert opinions, in order to justify the exclusive deals and high prices per dose.

      The limited timeframe works in favour of a “rushed” science response that the public hence will accept with its flaws and secondary effects – this being “for the good of all”. We see this often in films too where protagonists often are desperate to try any type of rushed experimental drug to get well – which they always do in a film of course,,,

      The planned nature of the current pandemic means they have prepped the vaccines for years or even decades. Vaccines are a heavily deployed public control mechanism* that has been in use and constatntly developped for more than a century.

      When it comes to what the vaccine actually contains, it sure isn’t some new form of RNA-DNA encoding as nor DNA nor RNA are even sure to exist as described by the same faulty science behind the bogus virus theory.

      Of course – listening to Corbett (a known gatekeeper) one might be swayed into thinking otherwise and getting really, really scared. The nocebo and placebo effects are very actively at play with vaccines – whatever opinion you might have of them.

      * millions of doses poses no problem for an industry that vaxes 4 million US newborns every year for hepatitis B as soon as they breathe,,, And 28 more vaccination shots before US children are 6,,,

      ( herunder mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccine encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles )

      1. Unreal

        Thanks Ab. Maybe my point above got a little long winded & diluted – that the vaccine has been planned for as long – or longer – than the pandemic itself.

        So, in a planned pandemic where one of the main objectives is to sell and administrate vaccines – they would never go-ahead with their plan if the chemical product itself wasn’t ready.

        The Elite may be ill-willed but are very good at planning. Having plentyful production and stock of vaccines before engaging their Covid plan seems evident. As the virus is a hoax, i would say the the fake virus cometh when the real vaccines have been verified and good (or bad) to go…

        1. Unreal

          “a bit or vitamin c or a bit of arsenic”

          Lol – why freeze a vaccine to -70°C then ?

          Seems pretty obvious vaccines are not leathal if 29 vax shots before you’re 6 doesn’t kill children. So, no arsenic but clearly no vitamin C either – except for Biden* live on TV.

          Overall it seems children are easy access for vaccines, but for adults its harder. As vaccines are not detrimental in a single dose, it is the accumulative effect that is at work.

          Despite all the vaccination to young people, the Elite do not like to wait untill we’re in a nursing home to get vaccines into us anew. The pandemic gives the Elite the chance to vax the working population that is hard to access otherwise as they are supposed to be active and healthy.

          The accumulative effect is only cumulative if they can administrate vax shots regularly. Waiting from we are young untill we’re old does not jive with accumulative effect. So the current pandemic is also useful to mind the vax-gap and make sure the cumulative effect is effective still.

          * joe biden looks just as old and ripe as any vaccine recipient we see the Norwegian gouvernment vax live on TV… The old and sick are the “lucky” first receivers in Norway where the vaccine is “very rare” at this point. Oh – half of the doses received are currently reserved… for the second shot!

          1. Fakeologist Post author

            The – 70C only makes sense that they want drugs distributed using refrigeration transport. They’ve been trying to mandate this for years but haven’t been successful. Their petroleum pills must densture under heat so to temperature control all drug distribution makes sense. -70C (not really achievable in trucking?) #1326 is likely a tribute to the 7 code (DaveJ.)

          2. Unreal

            The -70° celsius does make a lot of sense if you want to create some really effectfull dry ice smoke as scientists unravel the first/gold/cold Covid vaccine to the World…

            Smoke and mirus ?

  2. ricky

    I’m all the way across the country and I see this behavior all the time, this psy-op has galvanized and energized the normies. The system over time has worked it’s magic, stripping the masses of critical thought and through the media, endowed the sheeple with a reality TV show worldview. They’ve become “covid crusaders” eagerly embracing all the protocols to “keep us safe,” and properly shaming heretics for “endangering” everyone else. It’s very unnerving how mind controlled the masses have become and how easily their anger can be directed.

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