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This is my current understanding based on all the research I’ve done into health, take it as such.

So lets start with what people call 0;infections”(illnesses caused by microorganisms), they are actually outfections where the body try to expel toxins that have been absorbed(air, food, water, medicines, vaccines etc) or created in the body by negative thinking(nocebo) and stress. The breakdown of these toxins creates symptoms but the symptoms have been mistaken for different illnesses when they’re signs of detoxification and healing. The four methods of elimination are respiration, perspiration, defecation, urination where our body choose one or more to expel these toxins.

Our symptoms wrongfully called 0;diseases” like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer etc are all strategies that our body utilize to keep you alive. You can also look upon them as notifications sent by the body to you that says “listen, you need to correct your behavior and environment because things got out of balance”. Once you corrected your behavior and environment these symptoms may disappear entirely dependent on how much damage you have caused to yourself.

Lets go a bit deeper and look at the two ideas that are at odds with each other and which one makes more sense to you.

The germ theory

This theory makes everyone victims of circumstance where everyone are ruled by their genes and their bad luck of having an illness(cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Polio, measles, covid). From this perspective the only thing you can do is to hand over your body and life to men and women in white coats who manage symptoms and prescribe toxic drugs but that know nothing about preventing and reversing health conditions. This perspective also chooses a chemical warfare program to deal with all symptoms wrongfully called 0;diseases” and it includes weapons of mass destruction such as antibiotics(against life), vaccines(toxins and foreign genetic material that kills people), chemotherapy(causes cancer and kills people), radiation(causes cancer and kills people) and various medicine(for each side effect there is a medicine and for every medicine there is a side effect that also kills people). This theory also treats everyone the same, there is no difference between you and I.

The terrain model

This model teaches people that everyone got full control over their own health that require no men and women in white coats or medicine to get healthy. It also teaches everyone that nobody is a victim of circumstance where nutrition and a healthy lifestyle(incl environment) is not only the key of preventing various health conditions but also a way to get back to health if one happens to venture too far out from what is considered healthy. Under this model it’s well understood that our genes are the blueprint where our internal/external environment is the trigger meaning that how we choose to live our lives determines the outcome regardless(few exceptions) of what genes we are born with. This model treats everyone as unique individuals where there are multiple differences between you and I.

The germ theory creates victims who feel powerless to do anything where their fate in life is decided by strangers in white coats and everyone becomes dependent on medical staff to 0;fix” their own mistakes. This promotes a health industry that cost trillions of dollars where the economic incentive is to make people ill, every new customer is a new revenue for big pharma.

The terrain model empowers people with knowledge of how to prevent and reverse most if not all health conditions on their own that promotes independence. This reduces the size and economic cost of healthcare and if done properly it would eventually lead to healthcare only taking care of people being in accidents.

Which sounds better to you and what makes more sense?

John Blaid


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