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Farmer Bill

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He’s the stooge they’re putting out in front. Wonder what other elite own even more. Years later he still dominates the computer market – and has stifled innovation.

Bill Gates, the fourth richest person in the world and a self-described nerd who is known for his early programming skills rather than his love of the outdoors, has been quietly snatching up 242,000 acres of farmland across the U.S. — enough to make him the top private farmland owner in America.

Source: America’s Biggest Owner Of Farmland Is Now Bill Gates

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Here are some real nurses

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Another amazing Amanda from Canada.

Watch this 3 pack of videos of real nurses. Donate if you can to help these real front line heroes.

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Phony tickets, phony fines for a phony virus

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Scenes from the front:

[Forwarded from Tinks]
???Attention ALL Canadian??Patriots!???

All these Covid tickets are a sham!!!!!

Please let everyone know!! They don’t even LOG them into their systems when they are written out!

Massive Government scam to ensure fearful intimidation and compliance. I went to the court house today and they had NO RECORD OF ME OR MY FINE ON FILE!!

So they harassed me, bullied and attempted to intimidate me, threatened me, arrested me, followed by more intimidation at the jail, some of it illegal (denial of lawyer initially) 3 hours in jail, yelled at, forcibly masked against my will…this entire intimidation production..ALL to make a ‘theatrical’ statement and to get my name for a ticket THEY DID NOT EVEN LOG INTO THEIR SYSTEM!!

And my friend Suzanne Robertson in Ontario who was fined $1,200 for organizing the protest in front of Doug Ford’s house, had the same court date as me today.. she called them last night for information on her court appearance today for her Covid fine..THEY HAD NO RECORD OF HER FINE IN THEIR SYSTEM EITHER!!

These corrupt Governments KNOW these fines go against our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and WILL NOT HOLD UP IN COURT!!

So they will accept your money if you are naive enough to pay the fine..but voila you won’t be found in their system if you show up to contest it in court because it would just be tossed out and THEY KNOW THIS!! (**Sidenote Courts honor exemptions UNLIKE Costco and small businesses fearful of these fake Covid fines that they refuse too!)

These fines are all theatrics for media and Governments to scare people into submission and compliance!! Corrupt Cops target certain people to make an example of for the public.. by ABUSING them openly and ILLEGALLY as a warning to others to comply..


They hire these fake cops to HARASS AND ASSAULT CANADIAN CITIZENS and to hand out these FRAUDULENT fake fines with YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS!!

And these poorly trained Gestapo pseudo Cops ( mine didn’t even put the handcuffs on properly and the Cops at the jail laughed about it????) hand out these fraudulent fines like candy because they are just cheap useless pieces of paper..but people’s fear and belief give these fake fines and those handing them out, this power, when in reality they hold NO POWER AT ALL!!

Peace Officers are a joke!! And Not ALL legitamate Cops are in on this scam!! Only certain ‘dirty cops’ like the ones who assaulted my friends Nick DeAngelis and Britney Lee and stole their cell phones from them for recording the altercation by these corrupt RCMP who physically assaulted them. And these dirty Cops tacked on fraudulent charges after committing the assault on their persons for simply going to buy food unmasked and committed theft on them for being medically mask exempt with their exemptions on hand.

They went through similar intimidation/degradation tactics as I experienced in the jail for no reason except to make them comply with this MASKING FRAUD!! The corrupt RCMP officers in Moncton, New Brunswick, told them they would not be released from jail unless they put on masks, in SPITE of their mask exemptions!! NONE of this is OK!!

The Cop that took over in my case NEVER made me mask once when I was only dealing with him and told my OWN sister I did not belong in jail. So please know there ARE Cops that are aware of what is occuring and their conscience IS bothering them but they ARE in a tight spot with this GOVERNMENT SCAM! We can only pray enough eventually accept the risks and decide to stand up with us!!

Please do not give in to this MANUFACTURED fear propaganda and BLATANT FRAUD by our CORRUPT COMPROMISED GOVERNMENTS to gain control of its citizens and remove our FREEDOM !!

This entire Canadian system built for the CORPORATION of Canada and NOT for US, the people, has become so massively
corrupt to the core, it has paved the way for communism. It is time for a REAL solution!! #UnifyThePeople

There were a dozen more Covid fines that went exactly like mine today for the people that showed up.

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Chemicals chemicals – what’s really killing us

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Virus and vaccination is the cover story for what really is disrupting and destroying human life.

Another amazing concept covered is global distillation. Chemicals can travel far and wide.

Episode 34. The Chemical Age: Pete Myers & Frank von Hippel


Web player: podcastaddict.com/episode/1124…
Episode: traffic.libsyn.com/secure/scie…

Pete Myers interviews me about my new book, The Chemical Age, published this month by the University of Chicago Press.

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