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  1. Unreal

    “The Truth About PCR Tests (…)”

    This video goes into detail about how the PCR test works – at the scale of the DNA.

    As far as i can tell, DNA is so small it is only seen dead in an electron microscope* – yet we have lots of scientists explaining us how live DNA interacts with other living structures.

    It is very problematic discussing the PCR test without questionning whether the scientific assumptions on DNA are real or not. To contend the PCR test is reliaible (or not) therefore still might be as deceptive regardless, if the questinonnable “inner workings” of DNA are bogus.

    In the light of a possibly bogus DNA model that explains both the mainstream and the alternative view of PCR test – we are left with no knowledge or insight*. Just enough information to polarise the debate on PCR tests.

    Helix – Hell X (phonetic anagram)

    * the same must said about the James Corbet’s Hi-Tech DNA witchcraft vaccines – if DNA is bogus so is Corbet’s dystopian explanation bogus and his video therefore merely intended to polarize and scare the sheeple – just like Corbet was intended to do with the Fukushima reactor collapse initially…

    * hereunder the first electron microscope image of DNA by Enzo Di Fabrizio 2012

      1. Unreal

        Yes, great Sharpstuff goes into the DNA* too, hopefully he might post this on a FAK forum likewise.

        The problem with impossibly large and small scale is that we (humans) really have no means to naturally observe ‘Galaxies’ and ‘strands of DNA’. This offers a unique type of “Black Box” situation where hoaxers can make the unkown “known” with zero chance of being caught as proof does not exist in either scenario – true or false…

      2. xileffilex

        I’m not sure how dismantling nucleic acids and ultimately heridity from the ground up is going to help us to pin down the crooks who have produced the fraud which has produced the interesting state we’re in now. I look forward to Mr Sharpen’s inroads into the psientific establishment’s DNA/RNA “hoax”. Check out what happened to Andrew Wakefield for making the mistake of having a paper published which ruffled the feathers of the vaxx industry and all hell broke loose, and which spawned a lot of research aimed at debunking his findings.
        While perusing that wiki page, I noticed a link to the phrase Science by Press Conference as if it had negative connotations, i.e. scientists somehow can barge their way onto the MSM and promote anti-establishment findings. [some hope!] But isn’t this just what is happening on an industrial scale in the current manufactured pandemic to support the official narrative? How did the fake “new variant” coronavirus – and pretty well every other piece of “scientific evidence” around zee corvid crizees – emerge? Press conferences beamed directly into our home Zoom studios.

  2. xileffilex

    Sam is the best at unpicking this fake pandemic – she goes right to the heart of the matter. Clear and concise. And so could anyone in the scientific community who goes to read the original papers on which this whole fraud is based on, and tear them apart. [which the supine referees, if indeed they were peer-reviewed could have done]. But they’re all wrapped up in the system and collaborate with it to “get on” or even keep their job and pension.
    Everything goes back to the Corman – Drosten PCR “test” paper, a key pillar of the hoax.. Add “reported” isolations of the virus. Build on that the scam which is “asymptomatic transmission”. Produce meta reviews of all the obscure papers which [thanks to the grant system] are all looking for the desired results…[which is also what the SAGE committee commissions] and here we are. All based on nothing. And who knows how many of these official figures for “deaths” and “cases” are even genuine?

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