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Many people have approached us at Solutions Empowerment to urgently create a simple one page Notice to help protect people’s freedom of choice whether to be vaccinated or comply with wearing a mask. Many don’t wish to do either.

For this reason we quickly drew up an appropriate simple Notice to be signed by any enforcer or imposer of the lockdown legislation or directions. Naturally, no enforcer or imposer will ever sign such a document whereby they accept liability personally themselves for forcing such compliance and therefore they will back right off.

Just click on the link… for your free copy and ensure you keep it within your reach at all times, making multiple signed copies and keep some spares in your car.

Share them with your family and friends and tell them about and draw their attention to all the fee documents on the website under the 0;Freebies” link.

Make no mistake, the system is at war with you. Do you wish to surrender and capitulate, living in perpetual fear of a tyrannical system, or do you wish to step up, stand tall as a free man or woman, exercising your inherent rights, liberties, freedoms and dominion?

Do you wish to win this war” Use the Notices created for your benefit.

Apply the self preservation processes we teach within our website and become the “Superman” or “Superwoman” of your dreams. See our latest successful result at…

we hope you’re inspired to join us and the ranks of many others that have elected to stand tall against tyranny and exercise their rights and liberties.
Kindest Regards

Mark and team
Solutions Empowerment

Solutions Empowerment
PO Box 2975, Nerang, Queensland, 4211, Australia

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