Too evil to contemplate

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If the lockdowns aren’t for health, then the answer to why is clearly too much for the average masktard to contemplate.

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An open letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, from the attorneys of Retired Brig. Gen. Robert Spalding and company, suggests a deep psychological reason for the general acceptance of these devastating lockdowns:

Throughout 2020, lockdown measures have been quite popular, but that popularity is deceptive. For the general public, the idea that anyone might accept some outside incentive to support such devastating policies while knowing them to be ineffective — needlessly bankrupting millions of families and depriving millions of children of education and food — is, quite simply, too dark.

Thus, the public supports lockdowns because the alternative — that they might have been implemented without good cause — is a possibility too evil for most to contemplate. But those who know history know that others with superficially excellent credentials have done even worse for even less.

The entire letter lays out the grave harm of this new-fangled public health measure — called lockdowns — that suspiciously resembles practices akin to communist and totalitarian regimes.…

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