3 thoughts on “Only 2 extra Chinese covaids deaths in 8 months

  1. barbm124

    even 2 covid deaths are two invented deaths, right? Why do they tell us such stories? Why tell us, there isn’t much Covid deaths anymore in China? They write their stories as we speak so why that kind of stories? Why not tell us, there are thousands new covid deaths in China? There are enough death people for sure to mark them as covid deaths. But they tell us only 2? They didn’t start to tell us the truth, did they? IMO it is done to create confusion, to mislead, to create the impression it is changing slowly but changing. In short: It is part of the exit strategy. German ministry of finance put two charts online where they mark the end of June 2021 as the turning point.

  2. peetiro

    Interesting that PK attributes the 2017 Bourke St. car attack, and the population’s credulity around it, as the event that singled out Melbourne as the locale to run the full blown medical martial law beta test. It reminded me of the ominous feeling I had after the 2018 ‘Vanado’ attack in North York, Toronto – which was so utterly fake and slapdash in its execution – and thinking, if people believe this is real we’re in big, big trouble. It belies the kind of cognitive dissonance required to get Westerners to believe that China and surrounding countries have defeated Covaids and if only we had followed the Chinese or Vietnamese approach to lockdown we’d be through this by now.

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