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The Quaxxine is going to be the great reset tool for change.

Couple that with the endless variants of the virus – or microzyma – and you have an endless period of discovery and manufacture of a drug that at most does nothing and at least is toxic and harmful.

The truth is that we all have endless variants of microzyma that are NOT CONTAGIOUS and are made by our bodies to help repair our systems. I contend that they look similar between us but are never the same. Our bodies customize them to our own needs to help repair. They are probably different – by the hour – as our bodies repair.

The idea that governments are corporations are incompetent is what they will you with.

The fact is that this is orchestrated, because it’s believable – but the truth is they will never have enough, or the right kind, or in the right place.

The result is they create incredible demand with the fear, and the desire to be cured.

This psyOp was always to create demand for a product that fewer and fewer believed in. It’s actually a race between increasing the belief/demand and the dissemination of the truth that virus are not contagious and are actually proof that are bodies heal themselves.

Remember we’re in the greatest marketing campaign in history, with the side show of rebuilding a capitalist/communist one party dictatorship in every western country with China as the model.

See the banner below to illustrate my point.

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